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Inverse Functions (Section 11.2) Practice Problems


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  1. If , find .


  1. Determine whether the inverse of is also a function. Explain how you arrived at your conclusion.


  1. Which of the following is the graph of the inverse of ?


A. B.




C. D.




  1. Graph the inverse of the function .




  1. If , find .


A. 122 B. -116 C. 2 D. 0.008


  1. If , find .



  1. Given that and its inverse ,


a.          find the point P where the line segment between and crosses the graph of .

b.         find the distance from to P and the distance from to P.

c.          find the slope of the line segment between and .

d.         Do your results support the relationships that must be true for the graph of a function and its inverse?



Answer Key





2.      No, the inverse of is not a function because the graph of does not pass the horizontal line test.


(Alternative answer): No, the inverse of is not a function because is not one-to one on its domain.


3.      B


4.      Graph of :





Graph of :




Graph of , and :


5.      C







b. ,


c. m = -1


d. (various answers)