Practice Money Problems



1. Yolanda has dimes and quarters totaling $5.25. If she has 33 coins in all how many of each does she have?

2. Tony has 39 bills in fives and tens. If the total value is $285 how many of each does he have?


3. The Drama Club sold 500 tickets to their fall performance. The adult tickets were $5 each and the student tickets were $3 each. If they took in $2080, how many of each did they sell?


4. Edie has 27 coins in dimes and quarters. If the total value is $3.75 how many of each does she have?

5. Venus bought 40 stamps for $12.40. Some of the stamps were 33-cent stamps and some were 23 cent stamps. How many of each did she buy?

6. Sonia has 26 bills in ones and fives. If their total value is $50 how many of each does she have?


7. Mr. Planter wants to mix 20 lb of macadamia nuts that cost $8.10 per pound with pecans that cost $5.40 per pound. How many pounds of pecans should he use if the mixture is to cost $6.48 per pound?


8. Mr. Planter also wants a 40 lb mixture of pecans and walnuts that will sell for $4.80 per pound. If the pecans cost $5.40 per pound and the walnuts cost $4.40 per pound, how many of each should he use?


9. Eddie invested $2400 in two simple interest accounts. The annual rate in one account is 8% and the annual rate in the other is 11%. How much did he invest in each account if the annual interest totaled $240?

10. Fred and Irma invested $12,500 in two simple interest accounts. One account earns annual simple interest of 7% while the other earns 6%. How much was invested at each rate if each account earned the same interest? Round your answer to the nearest dollar.

11.Bubba has two part time jobs. One pays $7.50 per hour and the
other pays $9.00 per hour. Last week he earned $427 while working 50 hours. How many hours did he work at each job?



12.Kim had to pay $1200 in labor for some repairs to the house. The carpenter charged $18 an hour and the painter charged $15 per hour. If she paid for 73 hours of work, how much work was done by each?


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