black history month LINKS



  • www.onwheelsinc.com
    Award-winning online magazine spotlighting the love affair between African Americans and their cars.




  • www.blackhistory.com
    Learn about black history three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

  • www.blackfacts.com
    World's largest free online database of black history information.

  • www.blackhistory.eb.com
    Encyclopedia Britannica's a-z guide to Black History.

  • www.aachild.com
    Information for the nurturing and raising of African American children.

  • www.abetterchance.com
    A useful resource for identifying, recruiting and developing leaders among young people of color.

  • www.uncf.org
    The United Negro College Fund, America's #1 African American education assistance organization.

  • www.raaheroes.com
    Salutes hundreds of African Americans who have made a difference.

  • www.naaas.org
    Provides annual conferences dealing with African American studies and its affiliates.

  • www.kulturezone.com
    Fun and educational site catering to kids and parents of color.

  • www.spelman.edu
    Find out more about the college ranked #2 In acceptances of African Americans into US medical schools.

  • www.morehouse.edu
    Information on the nation's largest liberal arts college for men.

  • www.howard.edu
    Everyone has heard of Howard University, now get all the information on how to go there.

  • www.tusk.edu
    Booker T. Washington made way for the school of opportunity -- take advantage.

  • www.homeworkhelppage.com
    Selected as a "Best Bet" on the USA TODAY Education Web Site.

  • www.hbcu-central.com
    Free information about Historically Black Colleges and Universities nationwide.



  • www.bet.com
    America's premiere black entertainment source.

  • www.blackvoices.com
    Stories of the moment in news and entertainment from a flavorful perspective.

  • www.alvinailey.org
    Put one foot in front of the other as you follow the legendary dance troupe.

  • www.eurweb.com
    Get dally news on the likes of Shaq, Denzel and Prince for free

  • www.radioblack.com
    A collective guide to black radio stations around the world.

  • www.hollah.com
    Log on and hear a truly expressive and unique style of humor

  • www.newblackcity.com
    Featuring controversial radio, shopping and business expansion opportunities

  • www.y2g.com
    Where hip-hop, sports, style and allure collide

  • www.urbanentertainment.com
    Production, exhibition and distribution for animation, shorts and full-length films created by African Americans



  • www.omhrc.gov
    A minority healthcare resource from the Office of Minority Health.

  • www.healthquestmag.com
    This site has shaped and led the discussion on Black Health Issues.

  • www.blackhealthcare.com
    Culturally oriented information provider dedicated to addressing the special health problems of African American.s






  • www.qbr.com
    Black book reviews online.

  • www.nubianpoets.com
    Praises the excellence of poets past and present. end highlights the poets of the future.

  • www.timbooktu.com
    Stories, poetry and essays with an African American flavor.

  • www.allblackbooks.com
    A 100% black owned online bookstore catering to the black reader`s needs.

  • www.aalbc.com
    Team about black authors, read excerpts, listen to poetry and join in online discussions.

  • www.thegrits.com
    Online book club for anyone interested in the diversity of contemporary African American Literature.

  • www.blackwriters.org
    Striving to expand appreciation of the Black literary tradition.



  • www.afrovoices.com
    Focuses on African American performers and composers and on vocal music forms they influenced, especially opera, art forms and Negro spirituals composed for concert performance

  • www.aka.com
    Where the artist, promoter, manager, and advertiser put out there what they want

  • www.blackgospel.com
    Hallelujah! a one stop shop for gospel music and information

  • www.jazzusa.com
    Get the latest information on everything going on in jazz

  • www.vibe.com
    Here is another way to enjoy Vibe magazine.

  • www.thebluehighway.com
    Today's music would have no soul if it weren't for the blues




  • www.tbwt.com
    Join the information revolution moving toward the empowerment of black people

  • www.matah.com
    A site focusing on black support of black owned businesses

  • www.nul.org
    Enabling African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights



  • www.blackwebportal.com
    Black owned and operated, and equipped with the largest conglomeration of products, information, and services.

  • www.searchblack.com
    Black owned and operated site, putting control at the fingertips of the user

  • www.btackamericaweb.com
    Tom Joyner's venture into credible news and information for all aspects of African American life





  • www.theconduit.com
    African American source for the latest technological information and conspiracy theories



  • www.africanamericantravel.com
    Get great deals and fares while knowing where to go when black support is needed.

  • www.blackopolis.com
    Lifestyle information ranging from business to leisure.

  • www.bdsummit.com
    Travel resources for African Americans airfares, hotels, cruises, you name it.

  • www.blackchicago.com
    Dedicated to the African American community in the greater Chicagoland area.

  • www.blacktravelonline.com
    Voted "Best Site" by The Atlanta Journal Constitution (May, 2001); Voted "Best of the Web" by Y2G, The Best of Life (2000), and Official Travel Website of the Los Angeles Black Business Expo & Trade Show.

  • www.soulofamerica.com
    Plan your vacation with culture and soul.