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Computer Competency

All TCC students who plan to graduate in a program in excess of 45 semester credits are required to demonstrate basic computer competency with:

  • word processing
  • spreadsheet
  • database
  • Internet/e-mail software

to ensure that they are prepared for the technologies in use in the workplace and at four-year colleges and universities.

Print and/or save document with all computer competency requirements through Spring 2015 Graduation.

Two ways to meet requirements:

  • Passing designated computer-related course(s)
  • Passing a computer competency tests, available in each campus Testing Center (NOTE:  Some programs require a course, such as ITE 115, that also satisfies the college's computer competencies. In these circumstances, passing the computer competency test(s) does not take the place of the required coursework. Consult a counselor/advisor for more information.)

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) endorses the principle of computer competency for all students intent on completing a curriculum in excess of 45 semester credits. You must demonstrate the following competencies defined by the VCCS:

  • working knowledge of computing concepts, components, and operations to accomplish educational and career tasks;
  • use of the appropriate components of an integrated productivity software package involving word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, and/or communication applications;
  • ability to access, retrieve, and apply networked information resources, e.g., on-line catalog, virtual libraries, the Internet and world wide web; and
  • use of telecommunication software, e.g., electronic mail, listservs, bulletin boards, and/or news groups, to communicate with faculty, students, and information providers.