Why Should I Give to TCC?

The very heart of TCC’s mission is providing open access to affordable, high-quality education to anyone who seeks it. TCC not only provides a gateway for those planning to transfer to a four-year college or university, but also serves a valuable role as a provider of associate degree programs, workforce preparation, trade and job skill training, and military education programs. Our students are of all ages, and come to us from diverse education and experience backgrounds and every walk of life. Each represents a unique set of goals and dreams that can only be realized through accessible, flexible education.

Your gift to TCC is an investment in your own community - in the possibilities of today, and in the Hampton Roads of tomorrow. Private gifts have a powerful impact on TCC’s ability to equip our future workers, artists, and leaders with the skills they needs to succeed. A gift to TCC can help us continue to provide:

  • Scholarships that can make the difference between degree completion and dropping out of college
  • Emergency assistance to students facing difficult circumstances that threatens to halt their academic careers
  • New academic offerings and the further expansion of existing programs
  • Cutting-edge facilities, equipment, technology, and student services that make TCC one of the leading community colleges in the nation

From here, you can help our students GO ANYWHERE.

TCC Development Office and Educational Foundation
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