what is a database?

what is found in a database?

who produces databases?

how is a database searched?

when is a database used?

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Author: Beverly D. Hills, MSLS
Created: 20031007
Comments: bhills@tcc.edu


When do you use a database?

  • In a library, use a full-text database when you are looking for magazine, journal, or newspaper articles. Full-text means the entire article is available for you to print.

  • Use a database when you want data that is very current. Many producers of commercial databases update their data at regular intervals. Would you want a book that is 3 years old or a medical database that is updated every month?

  • Use a database when you need statistics. Numerical data is ideal for a database format since retrieval of organized data is much easier than wading through volumes of unorganized data.

  • Although you'd probably want a book if you were researching the history of Russia you might use a database to look for online documents or encyclopedia articles to support your research.

  • Generally, use a database when you need to find specific information.