Student Government Association


Tidewater Community College, provides for the student government association, to establish channels of student-faculty-administration communication, to develop campus and college activities, to encourage participation in campus and college life, to develop student responsibilities within the institution and community, and to protect individual student and group freedoms in academic and social areas, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Student Government Association of Tidewater Community College.



The Federation Council makes recommendations to the college administration and on matters affecting the student body. The Federation consist of the President and Vice President from each campus. To contact the Federation Council, email

Campus President Vice President
Chesapeake Derrick Allen Elisabeth Barth
Norfolk Bryan Hurdle A'shonte Jones
Portsmouth Jameila Godley Joshlyn Whitehead
Virginia Beach Brian Vega Susan Vega

To contact the Federation Council, email

Campus SGA Advisor Contact Meetings
Chesapeake Sara Hair
Derrick Allen Bi-weekly.
Norfolk Terrence Bowers
Bryan Hurdle As posted.
Portsmouth Alicia Phillips
Jamelia Godley 1st and 3rd Thursday each month in Room B126 from 12:30 to 1:30pm
Virginia Beach Vickie Rogers
Brian Vega 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month during the fall/spring semesters on the 3rd floor of the VB Student Center
Federation Ronald A. Gray
Ronald A. Gray TBA
To encourage an active role in college life and to provide channels of student-administration communication.