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Works Cited Pages - Writing Center at TCC

Writing Center at TCC : Self-help Handouts : How to Format an MLA Research Paper

Works Cited Pages

This is a list of all the works that you have included in your paper. It will be listed in alphabetical order by author. In the event that no author is given, use the title of the work and place it in alphabetical order between the authors. Continue the page numbering with your name and the page number in the header. The title, Works Cited, is at the 1 inch margin and just the first letters are capitalized. The first line of the entry will begin at the 1 inch margin with the second and subsequent lines of the entry being indented 5 spaces. Continue to double space your work. Make sure you place the punctuation exactly as you see it here. The publisher's name may be abbreviated-- see your text or  MLA Home page. When you give the full date, it should be given as  day month year (16 May 1978). In some cases your instructor may want you to list every source you looked at regardless of whether you used it or not. This is called a Bibliography.  This is intended to be a basic instruction if you need more detail visit TCC Writing Center- Handouts- MLA Parenthetical In-Text Documentation Guidelines or go directly to the MLA Home page.

Student 4
Works Cited
Books 1 author. 
Last, First.  Title of the Book in Italics/or underlined if you can't print in italics.  City of 
     Publication:  Publisher's Name,  year published. 
Lederer, Richard.  More Anguished English.  New York:  Delacorte Press,  1993. 
2 Books by the same author- use the form above for the first entry- the second entry follows this sample. 
---.  Title.  City:  Publisher,  year.  
Books 2 or 3 authors 
Last1, First, and First Last2. Title.  City:  Publisher,  year. 
Last1, First, First Last2 and First Last3.  Title.  City:  Publisher,  year. 
Books 4 or more authors 
Last1, First., et al.  Title.  City:  Publisher, year. 
Book with an editor. 
Last, First, ed.  Title.  City:  Publisher, year. 
Magazines, periodicals, journals or newspapers. 
Last, First. "Title of the Article in quotes."  Title of the Magazine in italics or underlined.  
     Volume or Issue Number (Year) OR full date:  Starting page-ending page (for  
      newspapers include the section letter with the page number). Treat articles with no 
      author just as you treated the book with no author. 
Government Publications. 
Last, First (if given) OR the State OR United States Department or Committee.  City where  
     it is printed like-- Washington, D.C.:  the agency preparing it like--GPO (Government 
     Printing Office)/ State Dept. of Education,  year. 
Student 5
Last, First. E-mail to the author. full date. 
Listserv or Usenet, bulletin board, or discussion group. 
Last, First. "The title in quotes." full date of the posting. Online Posting (type those 
     words). Name of the group- may include the subject.  Your source (Like- Usenet).  
     Date you took it off line. The electronic address though optional is important. Ask your  
      instructor his/her preference.  
Periodical CD-ROM with a print version 
Last, First.  "Title."  Print Source full date, section and page numbers if given.  Title of the 
      CD-Rom Name of the distributor or vendor. Full date of electronic publication. 
CD-Rom or other source with no print edition. 
Last, First. Title of the article.  Title of the CD-Rom.  The medium- CD-Rom, magnetic 
      tape, or diskette. Place of Publication:  Publisher, year of publication. 
An Online source with a print version. 
Last, First. "Title of Work."  Name of the Print Source (Magazine).  Full date, pages and 
      section. Name of the Online Source. Name of the Online service. Date you found this  
      online. Optionally- electronic address. 
An Online source without a print version. 
Last, First.  "Title."  Date written. Name of Source. Online source. Date you found this 
       online. Optionally-electronic address. 
A movie or video. 
Title of the Work. Dir. director's names.  Perf. performers' names (only main ones). Name 
      of the studio/distributor, year. 
Television or radio. 
"Title of the Episode."  Name of the show. Network. Local station, local city. Full date.

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Last revision: June 27, 2002