Assistive Technology

Disability Assistive Technologies

AT&T Natural Voices

Synthesized speech for text to audio.


Screen reading software for individuals with visual impairments or who are otherwise print impaired.

Premiere Assistive Technology Suite

Includes the following applications: Scan and Read Pro; Talking Word Processor; Premier Predictor Pro; PDF Equalizer; PDF Magic Pro; Text-To-Audio; E-Text Reader; Universal Reader Plus; Ultimate Talking Dictionary; E-Library Volume 1; Text Cloner Pro.

Zoom Text

Magnifies all text and graphics in computer applications. Primary users: individuals with low or limited vision.


Predicts writing choices while acting as a utility that interfaces with other word processors. Primary users: individuals with mobility issues, language disabilities, and weak spelling/sentence construction skills.


Provides auditory feedback within the writing experience. Primary users: individuals with integrative processing disabilities that interfere with the writing process.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Allows computer access and use by voice. Primary users: individuals with speech impairments, or who are unable to use a keyboard.


Magnifies hard copies and computer applications. Primary users: individuals with low or compromised vision.

Language Master Talking Spell Checkers

Provide auditory feedback with comprehensive dictionary. Primary users: individuals with auditory processing or spelling disabilities.

FM Wireless Listening Devices

Allow volume-controlled listening within the classroom. Primary users: individuals with ADD or those who are hard of hearing.

Tape Recorders

Record auditory information. Primary users: individuals who are blind, have a learning disability, or cannot take notes due to their disability.

NCR Paper

Allows note sharing through carbonless copy.

TCC Assistive Technology Locator

Virginia Beach Campus

PC Station I (next to tutor lab)

  • Premiere Assistive Technology Suite
  • JAWS
  • Zoom Text

PC Station II (inside testing room)

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • JAWS
  • Note: No Internet connection at this station

Also available:

  • CCTV

Advanced Technology Center Open Computer Lab - Room H-208

  • Premiere Assistive Technology Suite
  • JAWS
  • Open Book 7.0 with Scanner
  • Zoom Text Extra
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

Norfolk Campus

Roper Center Open Computer Lab

  • Premiere Assistive Technology Suite
  • JAWS
  • Zoom Text
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

Additional Information

Braille resources are located at the Norfolk campus and are available to students from all campuses:

  • Megadots Braille Writing System
  • Mathematical Translator for Megadots
  • Romeo Brailler

Portable Equipment

The following portable equipment can be checked out from your Campus Disabilities Counselor/Provider:

  • Language Master-Talking Spell Checker
  • FM Wireless Listening Devices
  • Micro-cassette Tape Recorders
  • NCR Paper