Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodations for Testing and Classes

Question: I have a disability. How can I obtain accommodations for placement testing and classes.

Answer: Students with disabilities or chronic health problems are encouraged to identify themselves to a Educational Accessibility [EA] Counselor as early as possible. There are EA Counselors on all campuses. Students should plan to see a EA Counselor as soon as possible, well before the beginning of the semester. Students with documented disabilities may qualify for an alternate placement testing format and/or academic accommodations such as more time on tests, sign language interpreting or Braille.

Physical Disability with No Accommodations Required

Question: I have a physical disability and do not need any accommodations. Do I have to see an EA Counselor?

Answer: Students with physical access concerns are strongly encouraged to meet with the EA Counselor to learn about specific campus access, parking, and evacuation plans.

Admission to TCC

Question: Will my disability keep me from being admitted to TCC?

Answer: No. Individuals are eligible for admission to TCC if they are high school graduates, or the equivalent, or if they are 18 years of age or older, and are able to benefit academically from study at TCC, as demonstrated by assessments in reading, writing and math. A high school diploma is defined as either a Standard, Modified Standard or Advanced diploma, or a GED.


Question: Will anyone be told that I have a disability or need accommodations?

Answer: No. Educational Accessibility maintains confidential contacts and records. Disability is never indicated on the student's Accommodation Form and is never a part of the student's academic record. With the support of a EA Counselor students receiving accommodations are typically responsible to interact with instructors, tutors and programs regarding implementing accommodations.

Process to Receive Accommodations

Question: What do I have to do to receive accommodations?

Answer: You must submit documentation of a disability and your documentation must meet TCC guidelines, unless obtaining such documents creates an undue burden on you and your family. Your EA Counselor will explain the guidelines or help you obtain needed documents. Documentation guidelines can be found in the list below.

High School Graduate

Question: I am graduating from high school this year and will need accommodations. What do I do?

Answer: Be sure that any testing related to your disability has been revised to meet TCC guidelines. Learning disability documentation must be no older than three years unless the testing was done after your 18th birthday.

Transfer Student

Question: I am transferring from another college and I have accommodations. Can I get accommodations at TCC?

Answer: Yes, provided your documentation substantially meets TCC guidelines.

Financial Assistance

Question: Do I get free classes or other financial assistance if I have a disability?

Answer: Beginning July 1, 2012, students who do not have a modified standard, standard, or advanced high school diploma or GED are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Other resources may be available to some students with disabilities through the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services or the Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired. Students with disabilities who have either a modified standard, standard, or advanced high school diploma or GED follow the same procedures as all TCC students whenapplying for Federal Financial Aid.


Question: I receive services from Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation. Am I still eligible for accommodations?

Answer: Absolutely, make an appointment with your campus Educational Accessibility Counselor to provide documentation of your disability and to discuss your academic accommodations.


Question: How do get tutoring?

Answer: Each campus provides a tutoring center with free tutoring for TCC students. Writing centers, math labs, and language labs are available at most campuses. Academic advising and Career & Transfer Centers can be found at all campuses. The Grammar Hotline is 822-7170.

Special Technology Needed

Question: I assistive technology hardware and/or software. How do I get this?

Answer: TCC has a wide range of assistive technologies on all campuses. Your campus EA Counselor can provide a list and description of technologies found on all campuses, and assist you in using these technologies.

How to Get Tested

Question: I am sure I must have a learning disability. Can I get tested?

Answer: The Office of Educational Accessibility may be able to provide an evaluation to students who are enrolled, and qualify for such an evaluation. You may also decide to see a community resource for your evaluation. See your campus Educational Accessibility.

Transportation to TCC

Question: I need transportation to get to school. Will TCC provide rides?

Answer: Public transportation and HandiRide are available to the campuses from designated areas. Handi-Ride service is available to certified passengers with disabilities. To become certified, call 877-ADA-RIDE (877-232-7433). For information and eligibility, contact Hampton Road Transit at 757-222-6087 or visit the GoHRT web site. Visit your campus Business Office for parking information.

TCC provides free passes for HRT buses, trains, the ferry and HandiRide services to students who are currently enrolled and whose tuition has been paid. HandiRide passes are only provided to students who are qualified by HRT to use HandiRide. Visit your campus Business Office for more information about free passes and parking information or to the GoPass365 website.