Message about Center for Workforce Solutions

May 30, 2014

Dear TCC Community,

TCC’s Center for Workforce Development is adopting a new name: the Center for Workforce Solutions.

We are seeing this shift at community colleges nationwide, including at several of our sister schools in the VCCS. The rebranding is part of an effort to broaden the region’s understanding of what the college does for both students and employers in the field of workforce training. The college “develops” workforce knowledge, skills, and abilities, yes, but more than that, it is a place where students and companies can find solutions for their educational and training needs. The Center for Workforce Solutions services both students and employers and by doing so, provides the region with a highly-skilled workforce that makes this area a desirable place for companies to do business.

The target audiences for WFS are:

  • Individuals looking to build their skills in order to get a job
  • Employees who need additional training or certifications to advance in their careers
  • Businesses that want to invest in their workforce to raise their level of performance and improve their competitive advantage
  • Young people exploring career options who can be matched with employers, creating a sort-of “career pipeline”

In the next few weeks and months you’ll see changes to the Workforce Solutions and TCC websites to reflect the name change and a greater emphasis on the target audiences above. Please help us in sending out a clear, consistent message, by learning more about the Center for Workforce Solutions on their website: so that we can all, as a college, promote this important resource in our region.