General Math Resources 

  1. Calculus@Internet a very good place to start to find information about all kinds of math.
  2.  B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper  there are lots of links to math sites k-12 and college level .
  3. Eisenhower national clearinghouse for K-12 math
  4. Purplemath
  6. Math lesson plans
  7. Careers In Math
  8. Algebra lesson plans
  9. The Math Forum - Math Library - Arithmetic/Early
  10. Educonnect at Baxter's
  11. MacKichan.comTex, LaTeX, Mathematics, Physics and other related sites

  12. The Platonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia 
    Platonic Realms™ is a collaborative effort of math graduate students and educators. Check out their Math Links Library  and the  Platonic Realms' Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia PRIME and many other features.
  13. Algebrator - an Algebra Problem Solver for Students and Teachers 
  14. Mathematics WWW Virtual Library
  15. Color Mathematics 

  16. Mathematics Archives - K12 Internet Sites
  17. GIF Construction Set Professional
  18. Math in real life examplesThis resource is for k-12 teachers. Real life activities and applications.
  19. Math Resources for Elementary Teachers

  20. or Dave's Math Tables This site contains many reference materials in the form of tables covering topics from basic mathematics to upper level college mathematics
  21. Math Help
  22. The History of Math

  23. Math Study Tips
  24. Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes
  25. Mathland
  26. Math Baseball Game - Practice your arithmetic facts with this web-based game from

  27. Monty Hall Problem
  28. Math Related Games
  29. Convert It
  30. Math League Help Topics
  31. Plane Math
  32. Circles of Light: The Mathematics of Rainbows
  33. Abacus: The Art of Calculation with Beads
  34. Mathmania
  35. Geometry Page
  36. Archimedes
  37. Internet Mathematics Library
  38. Biographies of Women Mathematicians
  39. Math Pages
    Teacher Information Center - Lesson Plans
  40. Helping Your Child Learn Math This is a great site for parents and teachers. This site contains information on how parents can help children learn math at home. It contains a booklet that offers some math activities that are meaningful as well as fun. You might want to try doing some of them to help your child explore relationships, solve problems, and see math in a positive light. These activities use materials that are easy to find. They have been planned so you and your child might see that math is not just work done at school but, rather, a part of life.

  41. History of Mathematics
  42. Fun With Numbers
  43. Gallery of Interactive Geometry
  44. Math Magic
  45. Geometry - Symmetry
  46. The World Of Escher
  47. Knot Theory
  48. Clever Games for Clever People
  49. Area and Perimeter Software
  50. The History of Mathematics
  51. Math Problem of The Week
  52. Matlab Gallery Advanced topics in Math using Matlab package from the MathWorks Company.
  53. The Math Forum
  54. Mega-Mathematics
  55. Math Puzzles
  56. The Pi Page
  57. Ask Dr. Math
  58. E-Tutor is a sophisticated Internet site that uses the power of the World Wide Web for learning. It is a new and exciting online learning site with a twist. It is a web site that engages students in their own learning in five curricular areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Integrated Studies. Look at their free preview if you do not want to register.


Acknowledgments: Many of the descriptions of the sites given above are taken or abstracted from information provided by the sites and/or other literature where these sites are listed.


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