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How to Pay for Conference/Workshop/Seminar Expenses

Steps to Payment of Conference/Seminar/Workshop Expenses

First Step:  Request Authorization to Travel

1. Choose a  work-related seminar, conference, or workshop (this includes job skills training workshops for which you will not receive a final grade or college credit). Print out a copy or acquire a photocopy of the conference agenda to attach to your request form.  The agenda should include such information as conference name, dates, places, itinerary of events, provided meals and lodging.

2. Decide on a funding source or combination of sources from two funds.

Two sources of funding are available to full-time classified staff to pay expenses :

Individual Equity Fund
Classified Professional Development Fund

(NOTE: For the VCCA Conference, prepayment of registration by TCC is available on a first come, first serve basis until funding runs out. See note 3E, below.)

Professional Development Funding Available to Each Classified Employee per Fiscal Year to Pay for Conference/Seminar/Workshop Expenses
Name of Fund
Max Amount
Administered by
Submission Dates
Individual Equity Fund Travel Workbook and instructions (other than tuition)
Campus Business Manager or
Budget Manager, District
July 1 - June 30
Classified Professional Development Fund

Professional Development Fund Application (see top of Professional Development main page)


Fund Committee

Leona Davis-Daniels

July 1 until used up

3. Fill out and submit the Budget and Pre-Approval  (BPA) worksheet from the TCC Travel Workbook (available on InsideTCC).  Also visit Inside TCC for complete information on TCC Travel Policies. [Travel Workbook and instructions]

A. Go to  Choose TCC Travel Policy or TCC Travel Procedures to read complete information about TCC regulations for travel.
(If you cannot access the secure webpage, contact the
or call 757-822-2457.)

B. Choose Travel Workbook. Travel Workbook and instructions

C. The Workbook will open in MSExcel.

D. Choose the Basic Traveler & Trip Information tab at the bottom of the page. Type in pertinent information in all boxes, including M&IE funds (in-state and out-of-state allowances found on the last tab in the workbook). 

E. Move on to the Budget & PreApproval  (BPA) tab at the bottom of the page.  Fill in all required information.

NOTE: You may request prepayment of registration fees and funding for reimbursement on the same form. For prepayment of registration, attach a completed original registration form to the BPA.

NOTE: For the VCCA Conference, prepayment of registration by TCC is available on a first come, first serve basis until funding runs out.  Submit your BPA before the prepayment deadline.   Prepayment will be handled by the Business Manager or Accounting Office.  (See note 3H below.)

F. In the box labeled "mission-essential", write a short statement that explains how your attendance at this event will benefit the college. 


G. Prepare and attach exception forms as needed (see other tabs on the bottom of the next pages in the workbook for lodging, meals, or mileage exceptions). Maximum allowable rates for lodging and meals can be found on the last tab in the workbook.  See your department or division Administrative Assistant for help.

H. In the Accounting boxes above your signature, beside the dollar amounts involved, include the AIS account numbers for

  • your Individual Equity Fund. see chart below:
    Individual Equity Fund
    AIS Code
    Va Beach
  • NOTE: The AIS code for Classified Professional Development Funds will be sent to you in an e-mail confirming your financial award after you have applied to the Fund Committee.  Also include the department codes for registration, airfare or mileage, meals, lodging, etc. (see your Admin. Assistant for these numbers).


NOTE:  For the VCCA Conference, include registration fees in the Expected Cost column on your BPA.  In the Accounting boxes above your signature, type in AIS  fund code 10300, department code 145003, and campus code (00-04-depending on campus) and type the dollar amount in the box next to it.  Do not include registration fees in the total dollar amount of funding you request from Individual Equity or the Classified Fund, unless you have waited too late for prepayment.  Attach a completed VCCA conference registration form to your Budget & Preapproval form.  Submit your BPA and attachments before the prepayment deadline.     

I. Save the electronic workbook on your computer or a floppy disk. You will need this information later.

J. Print out the completed BPA, sign it, attach agenda, exception forms, etc., and give it to your supervisor for signature. If Classified Funding is used to supplement your trip, attach a copy of the confirmation e-mail to the BPA. If seeking prepayment of registration, attach a completed original registration form.  Keep a copy of these forms for your file.

K. Fill out an Employee Electronic Data Interchange Program (ACCT 12) form for direct deposit of your reimbursement (available on Inside TCC with the Travel Workbook). You need to do this only once. A copy will be kept on file in Accounting.  Processing of this form usually takes longer than processing your BPA, so submit this form to your supervisor before submitting your request if possible.

4. After being channeled through various administrative offices for authorization, signatures, and recordkeeping, the fully authorized BPA or a photocopy of it will be returned to you.

5. Keep the fully authorized request form in your files.  You will need to submit it with your reimbursement request.

NOTE: If you begin your professional development activity before receiving the fully authorized request form, you are doing so without TCC's agreement to help pay your expenses.

In the event that you are given short notice (a week or less) of the upcoming activity,

  • Submit a BPA for approval as soon as possible before the event begins.
  • Pay registrations fees yourself and seek reimbursement for all expenses upon your return from the event.
  • Attending a professional development event without prior authorization is done at your own risk.
Second:  Travel and Collect Receipts

6.  While traveling, collect the following receipts to submit with the reimbursement request form:  electronic ticket for airfare, flight boarding pass, original itemized lodging receipt, car rental agreement/receipt, gas receipts, parking, shuttle, tolls, event registration.

Third:  Submit Reimbursement Claim

7.  Upon returning from the conference/workshop, prepare and submit a Travel Reimbursement Claim Form (found in the Travel Workbook you saved after preparation of your BPA) within 5 business days of your return.  See the instructions for the Travel Workbook for full information about preparing the reimbursement claim voucher.  

  • Input exact expenses as shown on your receipts.  Include prepaid registration and/or travel expenses in the "Prepaid Expenses" column; near the bottom, include Total Extimated Cost from your BPA form.  
  • Input the FRS account numbers for Individual Equity and/or Classified Professional Development Fund, the object codes for expenses, and exact dollar amounts in the Accounting boxes above your signature.  Include account numbers, object codes and dollar amounts for prepaid expenses.
  • Print out the form and sign it.
  • Attach to it your authorized BPA, your e-mail confirmation of the Classified Fund award, exceptions and deductions forms from the Travel Workbook, and all appropriate receipts.
  • Make a photocopy of the reimbursement claim and attachments for your files.
  • Submit the reimbursement claim form and attachments to your supervisor for signature.

8.  Wait for Reimbursement.  If your reimbursement claim is within $100 or 10% of the estimated expenses on your BPA, your reimbursement claim form will be forwarded directly to Accounting.  If not, your claim form will be processed more slowly.   Accounting will send your reimbursement directly to your bank account.  You can view the deposit on Payline.


If you still have questions about your Individual Equity, contact Okema Harper, 822-1917,
or for more information about the Classified Fund, contact Leona Davis-Daniels, 822-1183,

More about the funds

Individual Equity ($150.00): Every full-time classified staff member has been allotted $150.00 in financial support, called "individual equity", for professional development every fiscal year. To "be allotted" the money simply means that TCC will earmark that much for you to use each year if you want it. But the money belongs to the college and if you do not use it, the college will use it for something else. TCC reallocates that amount every July 1. Use it for membership dues for job-related organizations (except VCCA).

Classified Professional Development Fund ($1200.00): On July 1 of each year, a specified amount is reallocated into this fund. The Classified Association administers the fund in accordance with the Classified Professional Development Plan.  A Classified Professional Development Fund Committee determines which requests for funding are awarded. This money belongs to the college and whatever monies employees do not use will be used by the college for something else. Each staff member is limited to requesting a maximum of $800. Use it for any professional development activity. Check with the Fund chairperson about availability of additional funding after March 1.