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Professional Development Funding Plan

VCCS Professional Development: Grant Opportunities

    • Workshop Grant Criteria
    • CPDF Application (2013 - 2014 form.  Only this form will be accepted.)

      If applying for FY 2014 - 2015 funding, use this form until the 2014 - 2015 form is available here.

Opportunity:  Click the following link for more information.   VCCS Professional Development Grants

Please do not skim the information below.  Read it. That will eliminate most reasons for a delay or denial of an application for funds.


Professional Development Funding Plan 2013 - 2014 Academic Year
for Full Time and Adjunct Teaching and Professional Faculty
Professional Organizations Listing  - two new organizations added on March 19, 2014
Personal Professional Development Fund (PPDF) $225
Full-time Faculty
$0 Adjunct

Every full-time faculty member (teaching faculty, as well as counselors and librarians) has access to a Personal Professional Development Fund (PPDF) of $225. You do not need the approval of the Faculty Professional Development Committee to use these funds, but you must report the use of the PPDF funds whenever you request funding from the College Professional Development Fund.   You must use this PPDF money before requesting money from the College Professional Development Fund.   If your planned activity costs more than what you have left in your PPDF, you may use your remaining PPDF as a partial payment and apply to the CPDF for the remainder.

 Adjunct faculty do not have any PPDF money.

You may not give this money to anyone else.  If you do not use it, it will not be carried over to the next year.  The AIS codes for this Personal Professional Development Fund (Individual Equity) are:

  • 10300-145003-00 (District)
  • 10300-145003-01 (Portsmouth)
  • 10300-145003-02 (VB)
  • 10300- 145003-03 (Ches)
  • 10300-145003-04 (Norfolk)


College Professional Development Fund (CPDF) $1675 for Full time $800 Adjunct

Once a full-time faculty (including counselors and librarians)  has exhausted his or her Personal Professional Development Fund, he or she may apply for additional money from the College Professional Development Fund.   Adjunct Faculty do not have access to the PPDF but should apply directly to the CPDF.  The CPDF has a total of  $219,000 for the 2011-2012 academic year.    This fund is not available to administrative faculty.   Adjunct must teach at TCC during the semester in which the activity occurs, for which they will be funded.  The maximum amount that will be awarded per fiscal year (July 1-June 30) is $1675 per full time faculty or $800 per Adjunct Faculty.  You can request money for more than one activity throughout the year, as long as the grand total doesn’t exceed the maximum amount.

The AIS codes to use for CPDF are:

  • 10300- 145016-00(District),
  • 10300-145016-01(Ports),
  • 10300-145016-02(VB),
  • 10300- 145016-03(Ches),
  • 10300-145016-04(Nor)


Note:  Account codes (previously object codes) will be added following the AIS codes indicated above.  On the Budget and Pre-approval Form you will enter  61221 for organizational memberships,  61224 for Workshop and Conference Reservation Fees,  61227 for airfare, taxi, tolls, lodging, meals,  and personal vehicular mileage.  The Account code is  61225 for Tuition.


Both the PPDF and the CPDF may be used for the following purposes:

a)    Conferences and workshops:  You must fill out the Budget and Pre-Approval Form (BPAF) from the TCC Travel Workbook, and submit it to your Division Chair or Supervisor.   Registration may be pre-paid using this form or you may be reimbursed.  All other expenses (airfares, automobile travel, hotel, meals, etc.) will be reimbursed following the conference.  Travel by more than three employees to the same conference (other than VCCS sponsored activities) requires permission from VP Milloy.

b)    Membership in discipline specific professional associationsThese associations must be on the approved list maintained by the Faculty Professional Development Committee, and must be directly related to your teaching discipline.  This list is available upon request from the committee chair and on-line.  You may also submit recommendations for additions to the committee chair. 

To pay for a Professional Membership, use the Budget and Pre-Approval Form (BPAF).

1- Submit this form, along with the application for membership, to your supervisor who will forward it to the Provost, and then the Business Manager. 

2-You may pay for membership with either the PPDF or CPDF or a combination of the two.    If your membership exceeds funding still available to you, you must include a check made out to the association for the difference. 

3-The college will pay the membership.  Reimbursement is not allowed.

4 - Multiple memberships at the same time: If you use college funds to pay for membership dues for more than one professional association at the same time, please submit one BPA per professional organization.  Each professional association is a “vendor” to the TCC Accounts Payable office.  If multiple vendors are on one BPA Form, that means that the one BPA Form has to be reviewed and finalized by multiple people in Accounts Payable before payment can be made to any of the professional associations.   This can slow payment to the professional associations.

c)   Tuition:  You must pay for tuition yourself and then get reimbursed after turning in your passing grades.  Business Managers have tuition reimbursement packages. 

1) Full-time faculty must first exhaust the money available to you through the Tuition Reimbursement Fund (TRF) before applying to the CPDF.   This fund is accessed by writing the amount requested on the “Tuition Reimbursement” line in the Funding section of the HR-78 Form.    This fund pays a maximum of $500 per person per year, on a first-come first-served basis. This fund must be used before using any other fund if you are requesting tuition.   If your tuition exceeds $500, you may use PPDF for the additional funding needed.  If the combination of these two funds is still not sufficient, then you may apply to the CPDF.  You may also apply to the CPDF for a second and third course until you reach the maximum amount of $1675  

2) Adjunct facultydo not have access to the Tuition Reimbursement Fund (TRF) or the PPDF but may receive tuition money from the CPDF.

3) Tuition Assistance requires that an HR-78 form be filled out for each course (prior to taking it) and that an  HR-79 be filled out each academic year.  Please fill out one CPDF application for each graduate course.

4) If you are requesting funding for a TCC course, the school will pay in advance.  All other tuition must be reimbursed after you complete the course. 


As a faculty member, you will only pay tuition and technology fee.  Fall 2013 tuition & technology fee = $131 per credit hour.  (Full in-state rate = $157.85)

*Whenever you submit a Budget and Pre-approval Form (or an HR 78) which includes CPDF money, you must attach an award e-mail from the professional development committee.  To receive this award e-mail, you must send the CPDF application by e-mail ( or campus mail to Joe Joyner at the Norfolk Campus.  (Do not send the BPAF or HR 78 to Joe Joyner)

*You must have enrolled in the Electronic Data Interchange Program to receive a reimbursement.   

*The fiscal year ends on June 30, so for trips that are late in June or early in July, contact the committee chair for instruction


Workshop Grant: The Faculty Professional Development Committee is calling for proposals for Workshop Grants.  The Workshops should be directed to enhancing instruction, skill, or leadership development and must be submitted and developed by full-time teaching or professional faculty.  All proposed workshops should involve both full-time and adjunct faculty as participants.   Workshops may be discipline specific or address skill development across the disciplines.  The maximum budget is $3000  per workshop, but exceptions may be made for larger workshops.    See the Workshop Grant Criteria document for more details.


Application Process:

To apply for CPDF funding, please send a printed CPDF application to the committee chair (Joe Joyner at the Norfolk Campus), or you may submit your application by e-mail

Please fill out the form completely.  Written Justification (How will this benefit the college?) must be completed by all applicants.  Do not send the Budget and Pre-approval Form  (BPAF) or anything else other than the CPDF Application to Joe Joyner. Once your application has been approved (typically within one week), an award e-mail will be sent to you.

Attach the award e-mail to your other documentation (Budget and Pre-Approval Form (Travel Workbook Excel Spreadsheet) for conferences and professional associations or HR-78/79 for tuition) and submit it to your Dean or other superior.  

It is your responsibility to plan well enough in advance that you may receive approval from the committee in time to submit your Budget and Pre-Approval at least 2 weeks prior to your trip (6 weeks for international travel), or 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester if you are applying for tuition.  To insure funding, please submit your application as soon as possible.



a) To receive reimbursement for travel, fill out and sign the Travel Reimbursement Claim Form from the TCC Travel Workbook.  Turn this in to your Dean (or supervisor) along with your Budget and Pre-approval Form that was returned to you, award e-mail for CPDF, and any appropriate receipts.  This must be done within 30 days of your return.

b) To receive reimbursement for tuition, submit the following within 30 days after the completion of the course:

1) Signed HR 78 (This was returned to you after the HR office and the President or her designee signed it.)

2)  Signed HR 79 (This should be signed by the employee, supervisor, and Provost.)  A new HR 79 is completed each academic year.

3)  E-mail Award/Authorization letter for all funds other than PPDF or Tuition Reimbursement

4)  Completed Accounting Voucher (See Business Manager for details)

5)  Completed State Disbursements Accounting Grid (See Business Manager for details)

6)  Copy of Grade report

7)  Copy of receipt to prove payment of tuition.


Example:  Full-Time Faculty at the Portsmouth Campus

1.  Your first expense of the year is a professional membership for $110.  Use your PPDF and submit a Budget and Pre-approval form to your Academic Dean with the code 10300-145003-01-61221, along with your filled-in membership form.  The college will pay for the membership.  TCC will not reimburse professional memberships.


2.  Your second expense is a conference that costs $950 ($300 Registration, $220 airfare, $150 Meals, $280 hotel) .  Apply to the CPDF for $835.  After receiving your authorizing e-mail, submit your Budget and Pre-approval Form with $115 PPDF which is the remainder of your PPDF, and  $835 CPDF.  You may have the college pay in advance for  registration, but you will need to be reimbursed for airfare,  hotel,  food and lodging.  You may elect to pay for registration yourself in advance and get reimbursed after you return.

It might be coded as follows:   10300-145003-01-61224    $115

                                                      10300-145016-01-61224    $185    ( the registration is to be paid partly out of PPDF and partly out of CPDF)

                                                      10300-145016-01-61227    $650    (airfare, lodging and meals all come from the same Account code)


3.  Your third expense is college tuition at $1600.  You will apply to the CPDF for  $840 (which is all that you have left of your maximum of $1675) and then after receiving your authorizing e-mail, submit  HR 78 and HR79 with CPDF of $840 and Tuition Reimbursement  Fund of $500.  You will pay the entire tuition yourself, but you will have $1340 reimbursed after you turn in your passing grades.


4.  Anything else that you do during the fiscal year, you will pay for yourself.


Applications cannot not be approved if they are submitted after the course or the conference begins.  All paperwork,  including the Budget and Preapproval Form and/or the HR78/HR79 forms,  must be submitted to your Dean or Supervisor before the activity.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  You must also file reimbursement paperwork within 30 day of the completion of the activity.


How to get the Applications and Information:

Go to   to get additional information and all of the forms that you need to apply for professional development money.  (If a user name and password is requested, it is the same as your computer login)  You can also contact Joe Joyner ( for assistance.  


Select the form links below or go to INSIDE TCC for the HR-78/HR-79 forms if needed.  From the TCC web site, select Faculty & Staff, then Inside TCC, then use your computer login and password.  Under the heading Forms, click Human Resources and then select HR-78 and HR-79.
If you cannot access the forms on InsideTCC, contact the, 822-2457.

College Professional Development Fund Application

HR-78 Professional Development Request (InsideTCC)

Fiillable pdf
HR-79 Professional Development Plan (InsideTCC)
Fillable pdf
Travel Workbook (InsideTCC) (updated Jan 27, 2014)
Purchase Order Request for tuition reimbursement (InsideTCC)
You can also contact Joe Joyner at 757-822-1580 for informatiuon and assistance.