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Thomas W. Moss Jr. Campus Faculty Senate Bylaws


I.†† Name

The name of this body shall be the Thomas W. Moss Jr. Campus Faculty Senate of Tidewater Community College.



The Campus Faculty Senate is established by the faculty of Tidewater Community College, Thomas W. Moss Jr. Campus, to serve as the voice for the campus faculty; to exercise the authority of the faculty in campus affairs; and to function as the campus component of the College Faculty Senate. The Campus Faculty Senate recognizes that its bylaws will be in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the College Faculty Senate of Tidewater Community College.


III.Eligible Electors

All Thomas W. Moss Jr. faculty members designated as Instructional Faculty or Professional Faculty and whose positions are currently assigned to the Norfolk campus and are not primarily involved in administration are eligible to elect and serve as Campus Faculty Senators.



A. Campus Faculty Senate meetings shall be held shortly before each scheduled meeting of the Tidewater Community College Faculty Senate. Meetings shall be called by the Chair of the Campus Faculty Senate or by a majority vote of the Campus Faculty Senators. The campus Provost shall be invited to a Campus Faculty Senate meeting at least once a year.

B. A majority of Campus Faculty Senators shall constitute a quorum for any meeting.If a senator expects to be absent, said senator will find an alternate for the meeting.All senators are expected to attend each meeting of the Faculty Senate.When a senator has been unaccountably absent for a series of meetings, the Chair of the Norfolk Faculty Senate will query in writing the absent senator concerning his or her intentions.If the senator cannot attend meetings and does not find an alternate, the Chair will declare the position vacant and fill the position by election from the campus faculty at large for the remaining part of the senatorís term.Candidates to fill the empty seat will come from the constituency (full-time or adjunct) that the former senator represented.

C. Summer meetings may be called as needed by the Campus Faculty Senate Chair.At the first meeting of the Faculty Senate during the academic year, the chair shall inform the Senators of any action that the Faculty Senate has taken during the preceding summer.

D. All faculty are invited to attend any Campus Faculty Senate meeting as observers.


V.†† Officers and Duties

A. The officers of the Campus Faculty Senate shall be chair, vice chair, and secretary. The officers shall be elected by the Campus Senators annually at the first meeting of the Campus Senate following the election of the Senators.The duties of the Campus Faculty Senate Chair shall be to preside at all meetings of the Campus Faculty Senate; serve on the Executive Committee of the College Faculty Senate; prepare the agenda; and attend the Provost Staff meetings.

B. The Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the chair in the chairís absence and supervise elections.

C. The Secretary shall prepare and distribute copies of the agenda and minutes of each meeting to members of the Campus Faculty Senate and send the approved minutes out to all Norfolk faculty.


VI.†† Election of Senators

A. All faculty (as defined in III) are eligible for election to the Campus Faculty Senate. The membership of the Campus Faculty Senate shall consist of five full time faculty members and four adjunct faculty members. At least one of the five full time faculty members shall be professional faculty.

B. Elections shall be conducted by the Vice-Chair of the Campus Faculty Senate unless the Vice-Chair is running for a new term in the election, in which case, the Chair shall appoint a senator who is not running for a new term to conduct the elections.

C. The term of office shall be two years, beginning with the first meeting after the elections. Ideally, half of the Campus Faculty Senate will be serving the first year of their term while the other half will be serving the second year of their term.

D. One week prior to the elections, the Vice-Chair (or the Vice-Chairís designee) shall notify all faculty (as defined in III) of the upcoming election and solicit volunteers for the ballot. The Chair shall indicate on the ballot those faculty members willing to serve on the Campus Faculty Senate. The campus elections shall adhere to the timetable requested by the Chair of the College Faculty Senate.

E. Election disputes will be resolved under the direction of the Chair.


VII.†† Campus Committee Assignments

The Chair of the Campus Faculty Senate may establish ad hoc committees as needed.


VIII.General Faculty Meetings

General faculty meetings may be called by the Chair of the Campus Faculty Senate, by a majority of the members of the Campus Faculty Senate, or by twenty percent of the current campus eligible electors (as defined in III).


IX.††† Amendments to the Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended by a majority of members in a referendum of the entire membership of the Faculty Senate, providing the proposed amendment and the nature of the referendum are provided to the members of the Senate at least two weeks prior to the referendum. The referendum may either be by voice of by ballot.


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