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Produced by Tidewater Community College Faculty

With help from the U.S. Department of Education, Title VI B Grant 2008-2010
And with the continued support of TCC 2010 and Forward

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2009 Learning Modules

1. Global Digital Divide, by Jody Strausser (.wmv) runtime: about 18 minutes

2. After the Khmer Rouge, by Tom Feist Examines Cambodia 30 years after the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge (.wmv) runtime ~ 10 minutes

3. Understanding Japan through the Watergarden Metaphor, by Kathy Gause (.mp4) runtime ~ 13 minutes

4. Global Food Crisis, by Jim Roberts (.wmv) runtime ~ 17 minutes

5. Illicit Global Economy & the Retreat of the State, by Dr. Fran Jacobson (.swf) runtime ~ 15 minutes

6. International Financial Reporting Standards, by Bill Conner (.pptx with audio)

7. Fu's Island & International Trade, by Jason Fu (.swf) runtime: about 15 minutes

8. Political Dimensions of Globalization, by Dan Strasser (.ppt)

9. You're Lucky! by Sean LaCroix (.wmv) runtime ~ 9 minutes

10. Globalization Matrix: Responses to Globalization, by Naaman Wood (YouTube) runtime: about 9 minutes

11. Business in Brazil, by Dave Lydick (YouTube: part 1, part 2)

12. The Gaia Model, by Dr. Tom Ellis (.mp4)


2010 Learning Modules

1. Business and Culture, by Jim Mahlman (.wmv) runtime ~ 10 minutes

2. China and the United States, by Dr. Fran Jacobson (.ppt with audio)

3. Confucius, by Anne Parrella Summary of the life and teachings of Confucius (.mp4) runtime ~ 12 minutes

4. Cotton: A Case Study in Subsidies, by Sean LaCroix (.wmv with group activity .doc) runtime ~ 10 minutes

5. CQ Global Researcher, by Steve Litherland
Overview of Global Issues research using the CQ Global Researcher database. (.wmv) runtime ~ 17 minutes

6. Romania in the Making, by Bill Conner (.wmv) runtime ~ 10 minutes

7. Air Pollution, by Azam Tabrizi (.mp4)

8.Challenges of Sustainable Production in a Trading World, by Jim RobertsDescribes the challenges, practical and philosophical, facing those who wish to produce sustainably in a modern, trading world. (.mp4) runtime ~ 19 minutes

9. Intercultural Communication, by Ane Pearman (.swf and .mp4 with accompanying pre- and post-tests .txt)

10. Globalization, by Tom Feist
This module is an examination of globalization through some fun historical stories of two nations - one that closed its economy and one that kept it open and the eventual outcomes. Also covered in the module is how consumer sovereignty drives capitalism and the sacrifices we'd have to make if we didn't have access to global markets. (.wmv with pre-and post-test .pdf) Runtime ~13:30

11. Cultural Values: Individual versus Collective, by Kathy Gause (.mp4)

This video takes one aspect of values theory - collective or individual - and offers examples of each in different countries.  Real-life, simple, practical examples will help viewers be more effective in business with other cultures.  Instructional materials and essay questions wrap-up the video. Runtime ~14 minutes

12.Cultural Etiquette, by Jim Benson (.mov)

13. Currency Exchange Rate, by Jason Fu (YouTube)


2011 Learning Modules

1. The Parthenon, part 1 by Rhonda Todorof-Kessling and Craig Nilsen (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)
runtime ~ 10 minutes

2. The Parthenon, part 2 by Rhonda Todorof-Kessling and Craig Nilsen (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)
runtime ~ 13 minutes

3. Russian Fairy Tales, by Rick Alley (MPEG-4) plus narrative (.docx)

4. Arranged Marriages, by Ian and Dwight Bolling (MPEG-4) plus narrative (.docx)

5. The Walmartization of America, by Dr. Fran Jacobson and Bill Harlow (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

6. Peaked Out, by Azam Tabrizi (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

7. Global Inequality, by Ian and Dwight Bolling (.mp4) plus narrative (.pptx)

8. Resource Depletion, by Sean LaCroix (.wmv) plus narrative (.docx)

9. Is China an Economic Superpower?, by Kathleen Gause (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

10. Is China a Military Superpower?, by Kathleen Gause (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

11. Resistance to Oppression, by Joe Antinarella (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

12. Existentialism in Literature, by Joe Antinarella (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

13. Cultural Awareness by James Benson (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

14. Extreme Archaea: Global Implications, by Laurie Lawson (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

15. Origins of Extreme Archaea, by Carolyn Boykins-Winrow (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)

16. Sport & Culture, by Ian Bolling (.mp4) plus narrative (.docx)