Global and Intercultural Learning Committee Initiatives Status Report
Sent to GLC members by email on September 24, 2010

As summer becomes fall, the GLC has advanced several initiatives and we are now awaiting responses. This is the reason for calling off the GLC meeting that was originally planned for Tuesday, September 28th. Our forward momentum need not be compromised at all by the lack of a physical meeting -provided that we each continue to advance these initiatives between meetings.

Bowling for Scholars Fundraiser
This event will take place on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at Pin Boys at1:00 p.m., yet few faculty have registered for it. (Many administrators have.) This could be a point of embarrassment as we attempt to demonstrate our support for student exchange, so please spread the word of the need to register in advance at -and please consider participating (or just contributing) yourself. You need not bowl to support this event!

Global Learning Modules Program (GLMP)
This year's module program cannot be advertised until our funding is assured. The $10k that Academics indicated it would allocate for 20 $500 stipends to module makers has not been confirmed yet. However, the application policies, processes, and materials have been produced and are at I dare not send out an email invitation to all faculty until the funds are assured.

Faculty Exchange
An initial draft of faculty exchange policies and procedures ("facultyX") is attached for your comments and suggested revisions. It was produced in consultation with many of you and with Professor Mao of GNU and has been sent to GNU for their comments and suggested revisions, too. Faculty exchange between TCC and any foreign institution cannot happen until we have agreed to a set of policies and procedures, so this item is a priority: the goal is to make an initial exchange happen in May, 2011.

I welcome your input toward future drafts of this document. We will eventually need a more "generic" (less GNU-specific) set of policies and procedures for use by the college in the future: there is some indication that Yunnan Normal University and even Univille University in Brazil remain interested in establishing a continuing faculty exchange with TCC. The final version of our policies and procedures must address the purpose and the criteria for establishing a faculty exchange partner institution.

Rubric for Globalized Courses/International Education Requirement

At our last meeting we identified a longer-range objective: To produce a rubric with which we may judge the extent to which courses have been globalized. The same rubric can be used to put proposed module topics to the global test. Fran Jacobson and Jeanne Natali have discovered an exercise developed by ACE that we can adapt for use at TCC. We are strategizing now on how to pursue a college-wide consensus and buy-in for this rubric. If you are interested in joining this effort, we are interested in your help.

Chinese Language Offering for Credit at TCC

Our local Chinese community organization, the Tidewater Chinese School, has identified only one member of their community as being qualified and accredited to teach CHI courses: Shau Zhou "Bill" Ma. Mr. Ma has experience teaching the same type of courses for ODU, and has many years of teaching experience in China. His transcripts have been forwarded to TCC administrators who will have them verified.

Meanwhile, we are building a case to present to the Curriculum Committee in October for establishing a CHI language program at TCC. I invite anyone interested in contributing to that initiative to help by researching what other benchmark institutions (particularly local ones) are doing with respect to for-credit CHI language programs. Please let me know if you can help! By the way, contrary to what was stated in the minutes to our last meeting, the Chesapeake campus has offered college credit CHI courses in the past, but is no longer doing so because their instructor was lost to relocation.

Grant Writing Invitation

The IPO and I have identified a federal (title 6a) grant opportunity very suitable for TCC and GLC priorities. It has a submission deadline in December. One priority of the grant is to propose programs or activities primarily focused on the development of area or international studies programs. Our focus, consistent with the needs of our new college partners in global education, will be on China. Details are at I welcome you to join Jeanne Natali and I for an initial meeting with regard to this grant opportunity sometime soon.

In the Pipeline
VP DeMarte has been asked to respond to several GLC requests:
1. For assurance of funding ($10k) to support the GLMP
2. For GLC charges for the upcoming academic year
3. For approval of a charge that the GLC proposed (passed unanimously at our August meeting): That the GLC and IPO shall be responsible for maintaining relationships with foreign partners and with coordinating visiting scholar activities.
4. Approval of MOA from Yunnan Normal University, attached