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College Administration

Grant Development Procedures Post-Funding Procedures Grant Management Procedures


These procedures cover the period immediately after notification of funding is received and before the grant-funded project is actually underway.

1. The Grants Office, the individual's division chair or other supervisor, and any colleagues involved must be notified as soon as even informal approval of a project is received.

The Grants Office also appreciates being notified when funding is denied.

2. Many grant budgets must be revised, either because funding is less than requested or because certain items are disallowed. All significant budget revisions must go through the same approval process as the original submission; these should be handled through the Grants Office.

3. The Grants Office will see that the President's staff is notified in an appropriate manner. This is normally handled through the executive director of the TCC Educational Foundation.

4. Usually the funder notifies the appropriate members of Congress. However, if the proposer is asked to notify his or her Congress people, the advice of the Grants Office should be sought. Most likely, such notification will be cleared through the Office of the President.

5. Once a formal award letter is received, the original should be immediately submitted to the Grants Office. The Grants Office is responsible for submitting the request for AIS number to the grant accountant, who will set up a grant account. This process takes about two weeks. A copy of the award notification, the grant proposal, and the final budget must be included with the request form before a grant account can be established.

6. Once a grant is funded, the project director (or contact person overseeing the project until project director is hired) is responsible for informing the grant accountant of the AIS account numbers to which all matching funds are assigned. (see b. & c. under project director on the grant routing sheet)

7. When other colleges are partners in a grant project in which TCC is the lead and fiscal agent, they are ordinarily treated as sub-contractors. Customarily the college has handled this relationship by an informal letter or memorandum of agreement between the project director here and the counterpart at the other college. Such a letter or memorandum should delineate both the responsibilities of and the benefits to the other college. Such letters are usually signed by the project director, but should be reviewed with the dean of finance before they are sent.

8. Once a grant account is set up and a project director identified, the project moves into the grant administration process.