VBSC Policies & Procedures

The Virginia Beach Campus Student Center (VBSC) creates opportunities for students to participate in an array of extracurricular and recreational activities. We foster student engagement, leadership development and healthy lifestyle choices through leisure, athletic and fitness activities. The VBSC includes a Welcome & Information Center, The Campus & Community Resource room, Barnes & Noble bookstore as well as dining services provided by Aramark Catering.

Our expectation is that you will abide by these policies and procedures when using the facility.

To access the VBSC, complete the following steps:

Fitness, Health & Wellness

Locker Room & Locks

Group Fitness Classes


Billiards Room

If you would like to use this area, please follow these steps:

Gaming Room

Damaged or Non-Returned Equipment

All cases of damaged or non-returned equipment will be referred to the VBSC Co-Director of Operations.

Food and Beverage policy: Food and beverages are not permitted in study areas, reading lounges, the billiards, gaming and card rooms.

TV & Movie Room

Daily showings will be posted outside the TV & Media Room. Featured presentations are listed on the VBSC website.

Room Reservation Requests by chartered student groups

Meeting rooms can accommodate groups of varying of sizes with an option of seating arrangements. Catering options are available through Aramark. Please contact the Co-Director of Student Activities for details and additional information.

Meeting Room Locations

The Virginia Beach Student Center can accommodate groups of varying sizes and has a variety of meeting and special event spaces available for use by current TCC students, faculty, and staff and approved external organizations.

Room Number Capacity
K302 28 max capacity
K304 57 max capacity
K305 22 max capacity
K311 22 max capacity
K313 22 max capacity
K320 120 max capacity
K322 22 max capacity

Room Reservation Policy

Reservation requests will only be accepted from chartered student organizations, Academic and Student Services departments and TCC sponsored affiliate groups. Reserve a room


All events, conferences, and meetings at Tidewater Community College are required to make arrangements through Aramark Catering for their refreshment needs. Should your meeting require refreshments, complete the following

Cancellation/No Show Policy

General Guidelines for Meetings & Events

Movies & Films

Parking, Loading & Unloading

Additional Considerations

Should you have further questions regarding reserving space in the VBSC, or would like a tour of the available spaces, contact: Emily Hartman, Co-Director of Activities, Operations and Leadership, at 757-822-7705.

Emergency Procedures

In case of an emergency (example – fire, inclement weather or critical incident) occupants of the building will follow the directive of the campus security, provost or dean of students. The VBSC follows all TCC, local, state and federal emergency regulations.

The policies and procedures as outlined above will be reviewed and assessed on an ongoing basis and is subject to revision as so determined and appropriate.