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                   Portsmouth Campus: Learning Communities

                                                                                        SPRING 2009



L. I. N. C.

What is a Learning Community? A Learning Community is a group of two or more courses in which theWhat is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community is a group of two or more courses in which the same students enroll.

Students, faculty, and other mentors are linked together in a common learning environment. Members of a learning community establish social and learning relationships, participate in joint activities, and share resources to reach specific learning outcomes, all of which lead to student success. Thus, students have the opportunity to work in small groups and make learning more meaningful.


  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Connect with other students
  • Prepare for career options and college transfer
  • Develop lasting relationships and a learning support network
  • Create a sense of community through workshops and campus activities
  • Guaranteed seats
  • Learn teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking
  • Learn to enjoy becoming a life-long learner
  • Learn to accept change
  • Learn how to learn
  • Learn how to become a more efficient student
  • Learn what your learning style is so you'll know how best to study and take notes

Frustrated about classes?

Join L. I. N. C. -- Enroll in a learning community for the Spring semester to secure seats in multiple classes.


Here is what the Portsmouth Campus is offering for the spring semester 2009:

Tools for Success II

Students enrolled in this learning community will develop basic library research skills while they continue to expand their reading and writing abilities.  

  • English 3 and 5 will help students begin the process of developing and managing college level academic writing and reading skills
  • Library 105 will assist students in using basic research skills and teach them how to navigate the Internet using various search engines.

ENGLISH  3  Preparing for College Writing II

37645   D01P   4        TR             10:00A-11:40A       PORTS      0210        Martin

ENGLISH  5  Reading Improvement II  

37692   D02P  4        MW               10:00A-11:40A      PORTS    208         Murphy

LIBRARY 105 Library Skills for Research

62987    D01P    1        W                 12:00-12:50P      PORTS     221        Staff  


Ethical Concerns of Anatomy and Physiology

This learning community will examine the anatomy and physiology of cells, tissues, organs and systems of the human body,while providing a critical examination of moral problems, the application of societal issues, and the applications of ethical concepts.

Biology 142  Human Anatomy and Physiology II

37606   D02P    4         TR     11:00A-12:15P     PORTS    0505      Wright


37608   L08P                T        8:00A – 10:30A   PORTS    0423      Wright  


Philosophy 226 Social Ethics

41148  D04P   3     MWF      12:000A -  12:50P   PORTS   506B      Buchholz


E2 After Dark  

Students enrolled in this learning community focus on developing arguments through the exploration of microeconomics, including free market concepts and economic models.

English 112 College Composition II

37952          N09P           3           T    7:00P-9:45P   PORTS 0316     Kern

Economics 202:    Principles of Microeconomics     

40551          N03P           3            M    7:00P-9:45P  PORTS 410B   Green


Going Global: History and Language of Uruguay and Argentina

Students enrolled in this learning community will continue developing a command of the Spanish language while examining the cultural, political and economical history of Latin America.

This learning community has a Study Abroad component to Uruguay and Argentina.

SPA 203: Intermediate Spanish I

41022            H02P      3         T    1:00P – 2:50P        PORTS     337          Toletti  

HIS  231:  History of Latin America 1                                   

41047            H01P      3         T    3:30P –4:50P       PORTS     337         Paquette


Effective Communication

This learning community is designed to prepare students for success in reading, writing, organizing, and speaking.

English 5  Reading Improvement II

37693    D03P     3       MW     12:00P-1:40P        PORTS       208         Perkinson

Speech 100  Principles of Public Speaking

44759    D09P      3      MW      10:00A-11:40A    PORTS       506A       Benson


For More Information Contact

Mary L. Martin

Telephone: 757-822-2399

Fax: 757-822-2184






                                          Students MUST enroll in each course in the learning community.


  • See the Class Schedules listing for classes offered at the Portsmouth Campus.
  • Faculty section lists the faculty that are instructing at the Beazley Campus and provides links to individual faculty pages.