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Career Pathways

Connect your interests to career pathways

Many students come to college with little understanding of how their interests will lead to career pathways.

For those who don’t, guided pathways introduce students to broad fields of study and help you identify potential majors and careers early, making it less likely that students will change majors later (losing money and time).

These pathways are broad groupings of degrees and certificates that share similar courses and lead to occupations that call for common interests, strengths and competencies. Pathways are also organized around a sequence of certificates and degrees that can lead learners in gradual steps towards higher levels of education.

The Virginia Education Wizard is an interactive online tool developed by Virginia’s Community Colleges to help students succeed in discovering career pathways and important information about college planning. The dynamic tool helps students get into the right college program and provides an easy-to-use and accessible environment that high school and even middle school students can use.

One of the most useful applications of the Wizard is informing students about the course requirements that are necessary in order to transfer to a four-year institution.