Norfolk Naval Shipyard Apprentice Program

Earn while you learn an in-demand maritime trade

Norfolk Naval Shipyard's (NNSY) Apprentice Program, in partnership with TCC, is designed to attract talented individuals who want a rewarding career with the federal government. The next Apprenticeship Announcement Period is opening April 8, and closing April 22, 2019.

Students participate in a rigorous training program, which combines TCC's academic classes with NNSY’s trade theory training and on-the-job learning experience.

All academics will be given during working hours within the first year of the program. Participants will take courses taught by TCC faculty members, normally at the Portsmouth Campus.

Compressed sessions will consist of 2 nine-week sessions, leading to a Certificate of Completion.

Apprentices are employed with a salary range of $14.37 to $15.83 per hour and receive promotions upon successful completion of program requirements.

In the last three years of the program, students will be given on-the-job learning and trade theory courses. Upon graduation, apprentices are eligible to be converted to the journeyman level of their trade.

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