Classified Professional Development

TCC’s leadership believes in the development of the college’s faculty and staff through education and experience.

Every spring, before the fiscal year ends, the president and the President's Cabinet renew their commitment to TCC’s workforce by earmarking part of the college’s budget for the upcoming year to professional development support.

The Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Community College System also encourage development of their employees.


Professional development is any activity that will benefit the state and the college through a more educated and experienced workforce. All full-time classified employees are eligible to receive support for professional development activities. Unfortunately, the VCCS policy declares wage employees ineligible for such activities, and the TCC policy is in no position to override it or make changes.

Suggested professional development activities:

  • Classified Professional Development Day
  • paid memberships in professional organizations in your field of work
  • conferences and workshops for job-related experience
  • credit and non-credit courses for job-related enhancement
  • pursuit of college degrees
  • other work-related activity, subject to approval
Classified Staff Professional Development Fund

Once other professional development funds are exhausted, you may apply for additional money from the Classified Staff Professional Development Fund. There is no probationary period to receive this funding.

This Classified Staff Professional Development Fund may be used for the following purposes:

A. Conferences and workshops
Purpose: To provide opportunities for participation in conferences, workshops, seminars, professional meetings and other self-improvement programs designed to contribute to the participant’s overall effectiveness and value to the college.

B. Tuition
Purpose: To reimburse full-time classified employees taking college credit courses which will enable them to perform more effectively in their current position, to prepare themselves for upward mobility and professional growth within the college employment system, or to complete any accredited degrees.

C. Professional and Personal Growth (Credit and Non-Credit Courses)
Purpose: To provide employees with the opportunity to participate in self-improvement activities that will be mutually beneficial to the employee and to the College. Examples include certifications, refresher courses, credit and non-credit courses, continuing education courses, and workshops.

The maximum amount that may be awarded per fiscal year is $800. You can request money for more than one activity throughout the year, as long as the total does not exceed $800.

To be considered for these funds, you must apply to the Classified Staff Professional Development Fund Administrator. The Classified Staff Professional Development (CSPD) Fund Administrator is selected by the Classified Association to evaluate and administer all requests. The Classified Association will oversee the CSPD Fund Administrator.

Applications are accepted June 1 - May 30 each year. Requests in the month of May and June may come out of the following year’s budget.

Fund requests are usually processed within 3-5 business days, up to 15 business days prior to the start date of the class.

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Classified Professional Development Fund Administrator
Leona Davis-Daniels, Workforce Solutions

Handles paid membership renewals (POR Form), conferences and workshops, and job-skill training sessions (travel program).

Employee Training and Development Manager and Education Assistance Program Policy Administrator
Davine "Daye" Faulks-Brayboy
Human Resources

Point of contact for HR-78 and HR-79 forms and procedures for development plans and tuition reimbursement. Also provides professional development and continuous learning opportunities for all college employees, consultative services for departments and divisions, and coordination of employee training offered by other departments across the college.