Faculty Professional Development Committee

The Faculty Professional Development Committee reviews and recommends opportunities for faculty to enhance their teaching and learning.

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Tom Geary

Committee Charge


  1. Review the Faculty Professional Development (FPD) program, practices and procedures and participate in MY and EOY FPD Unit reports, recommendations, and revisions.
  2. Plan the following professional development events: 2017 Faculty Development Day, 2018 January college briefing, and the 2018 Learning Institute.
  3. Research the use of certifications and badging for TCC faculty professional development participation or completion.
  4. The Faculty Professional Development Subcommittee will participate in the redesign of the New Faculty Academy and build of the Adjunct Faculty Academy.
  5. Develop professional development sessions to prepare for and support Dean’s Class Observation Evaluations.

Faculty Professional Development Committee members are elected to serve two-year terms with a second two-year term possible if re-elected.

2017 - 2018 Members

  • Jeanne Hopkins (P)

Peer Group #1 
Public Services -Administration of Justice, Early Childhood, Psychology, and ASL & Interpreters, Committee Recorder

  • Elizabeth Briggs (C)

Peer Group #2 Communication Studies, Theater, and Music

  • Vacant

Peer Group #3 Engineering, Applied Technology, and Industrial Technology

  • David Wright (B)

Peer Group #4 Chair, Sciences

  • Libby Watts (N)

Peer Group #5 Mathematics

  • Jimmy Spelts (P)

Peer Group #6 Nursing & Health Professions, Emergency Medical Science, and Physical Education

  • Frank Futyma (B)

Peer Group #7 Information System Technologies and Computer Science

  • Alice Hoey (N)

Peer Group #8 Accounting, Business and Economics

  • Rhonda Goudy (C)

Peer Group #9 Student Development, Teacher Education and Learning Assistance Professionals

  • Tom Geary (B)

Peer Group #10 English and English as a Second Language, Chair

  • Dianne Stanbach (B)

Peer Group #11 Global Studies, International Education, Sociology, History and Humanities

  • Laetitia Stone (B)

Peer Group #12 World Languages

  • Danny Stogsdill (P)

Adjunct Faculty

  • Cheryl Nabati (B)


  • Tiffany Putman (B)


  • Amanda Burbage (P)

Faculty Professional Development Manager

  • Vacant

Academic Dean, Languages and Speech

  • Fred Stemple (D)

Associate Vice President for Faculty Professional Development


First Tuesday of each month.

Mid-Year Reports