Global & Intercultural Learning Committee

The Global & Intercultural Learning Committee advises the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer on how TCC may best:

  • Infuse global learning across the college curriculum
  • Internationalize the college culture
  • Promote overseas study and service opportunities for students
  • Expand global learning opportunities for faculty


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William Conner


To cultivate an academic culture of global citizenship in which teaching and learning reflect a commitment to examining, understanding, and engaging the world from multiple cultural perspectives.

Committee Charge

By the end of AY 2015-16, the Global and Intercultural Learning Committee will present results to the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer on the following items:

1. Recommend a framework and structure to support a student cultural competency certificate program.

2. Recommend a 2016-17 intercultural programming theme (due by December 2015) and recommend cultural keynote programs and faculty-driven intercultural programs.

3. In collaboration with the Office for Intercultural Learning, develop a 2016-17 faculty professional development series of 3-4 programs on intercultural and inclusive pedagogy.

4. Using the Study Abroad Program Development Rubric, review program proposals, rank, and recommend proposals for further development.

5. Review the catalog of Fulbright Programs and recommend which programs would be beneficial for TCC to pursue as well as a strategy for engaging faculty in Fulbright programs.

6. Evaluate the International Honors Certificate program administered by Academic Partnerships and PTK and make a recommendation about whether the program will be viable at TCC.


Dates as determined by the committee.

2:30 - 5 p.m. in Green District Administration Building Room 602, or as announced.


Membership comprises the following Representatives:

  • 3 from Norfolk Faculty
  • 3 from Chesapeake Faculty
  • 3 from Portsmouth Faculty, including 1 from Visual Arts Center
  • 5 from Virginia Beach Faculty
  • 2 Librarians (Any Campus)
  • 1 from Student Services
  • 1 from Workforce Solutions
  • 1 Dean
  • 1 from Student Government Federation Council


Ex Officio:

  • 1 from Roper Performing Arts Center
  • 6 Academic Leads
  • 1 from the Women's Center
  • Past Chair
  • Director of the Office for Intercultural Learning
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer
  • President's Chief of Staff


2015-16 Members

  • Chair: William Connor, Accounting/Economics - Portsmouth Faculty
  • Vacant, Norfolk Campus
  • Ann Ambrose, Dean, Portsmouth
  • Susan Boland, English - Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Karla Guilford-Shipp, Humanities - Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Noreen La Piana, Adjunct ESL - Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Michele Marits, English - Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Jennifer Valentine, Social Sciences - Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Kevin Brady, History - Chesapeake Faculty
  • Paul English, Economics - Chesapeake Faculty
  • David Kiracofe, History - Chesapeake Faculty
  • Sarah DiCalogero, Mathematics - Norfolk Faculty
  • Manisha Trivedi, Biology - Norfolk Faculty
  • Shana Haines, English - Portsmouth Faculty
  • Angela Slaughter, Business - Portsmouth Faculty
  • Alexander Harrington, Librarian - Virginia Beach
  • Joy Yaeger, Librarian - Chesapeake
  • Michael Bounds, Student Representative - Virginia Beach


Ex Officio

  • Dr. Jeanne Natali, Director of The Office For Intercultural Learning
  • Dr. Gabriela Christie Toletti, Past Chair
  • Susan James, President's Chief of Staff
  • Paul Lasakow, Director of Roper Performing Arts Center



  • Competency Certificates: Noreen La Piana, Jennifer Valentine
  • Study Abroad: Susan Boland, Noreen La Piana
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