Instruction Committee

The Instruction Committee:

  • Considers, discusses, and makes recommendations on instructional issues that advance the academic mission of the college.
  • Recommends policy and procedures related to broad academic initiatives to improve instruction and student learning
  • Reports through the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Academic Officer


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Josh Howell

Committee Charge

2017-2018 Proposed Charges

  1. Review and recommend any revisions to policies, procedures, plans, or other relevant document that are germane to the purpose of the Instruction Committee, e.g., course outline and course syllabus templates, the General Education Assessment Plan, Policy 2105 Academic Standards.
  2. Collaborate with New Faculty Academies (full time and adjunct) to provide professional development content specific to general education assessment and instructional resources.
  3. Facilitate rubric revisions for scientific reasoning and written communication general education assessment competencies.
  4. Document a process and timeline for official course outline review and make recommendations for its inclusion in appropriate policy, procedure, or other relevant document.
  5. Determine the committee’s role in advancing Guided Pathways.

First Friday of each month from September through May.

Place: Meetings will rotate monthly from campus to campus.
Time: TBD

Academic Year 2017-2018

  • 2017: November 3rd (VB, Joint-Use Library meeting room), December 1st (N)
  • 2018: January 12th (C), February 2nd (VB), March 2nd (N), March 23rd Retreat (C), April 6th (VB), May 4th (N)

The Instruction Committee is allowed up to three teaching faculty members appointed by the PAPC and, if necessary, the PAPC is directed to use the appointments to ensure that each campus has at least one Faculty Representative on the committee.

  • Chair: Josh Howell (N), English
  • Rita Bouchard(N), Health Professions
  • Lisa Carter (B), Information Systems
  • Jennifer Ferguson (N), Director of General Education Assessment and Transfer Partnerships
  • Glenn "Bert" Fox (C), Social Sciences
  • Mark Frederick (N), Communications
  • Brittany Horn (B), Recorder, Libraries
  • Harlan "Skip" Krepcik (P), Industrial Technologies
  • Amanda Leo (B), Past Chair, Ex-Officio
  • Corinne Lilyard-Mitchell (P), Fine Arts
  • Steve Litherland (N), AVP Libraries, Ex-Officio
  • Victoria Proffitt (P), Mathematics
  • Kerry Ragno (N), Dean
  • Beno Rubin (C), Dean
  • Angela Slaughter (C), Business Management
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Mid-Year Reports

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