Internal Relations Committee

The Internal Relations Committee:

  • Reviews and recommends policies and procedures related to:
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Affirmative Action
    • Due Process
    • Professional Development
    • College-Wide Social Events
    • Internal Communication
    • Awards and Recognition
  • Reports through the Associate Vice President for Human Resources


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Jim Hines

Committee Charge


1.   Assist and advise the AVP for Human Resources in completing development of policy and procedures for a formal Employee Recognition Program for all categories of employees that is consistent with state and VCCS policy.

Note: This effort should be coordinated with the Faculty Senate which will be working to implement a new VCCS professional development and evaluation plan for faculty that will include a recognition and reward component. It should also be coordinated with the Planning Committee for the Administrative and Professional Faculty Development, Evaluation, and Recognition Plan.

2.   Assist and advise the AVP of Human Resources in completing development of policy and revising procedures for service recognition (service awards) that is consistent with state and VCCS policy.


Third Thursday of each month

Place: As Announced

Time: 2 p.m.


Membership comprises:

  • One Administrator appointed by each Provost
  • One Classified Employee elected from each campus
  • One Classified Employee elected from the District Office
  • One Faculty Member elected from the Norfolk Campus
  • One Faculty Member elected from the Chesapeake Campus 
  • Two Faculty Members elected from the Portsmouth Campus 
  • Three Faculty Members elected from the Virginia Beach Campus
  • One Wage Employee elected college-wide
  • One Adjunct Faculty Member elected college-wide
  • Human Resources Director or Designee (Ex-Officio)

This committee is allowed up to three people appointed as directed by the PAPC and, if necessary, the PAPC is directed to use the appointments to ensure that each campus has at least one representative on the committee.

2017-18 Members

  • Chair: Jim Hines, PAPC Appointee
  • Jeff Dunbar, PAPC Appointee
  • Daye Faulks-Brayboy (Ex-Officio), Human Resources
  • Kyndra Brown, Chesapeake Administrator
  • Buffy Ruffin, Chesapeake Classified
  • Marc Wingett, Chesapeake Faculty
  • Richie Windley, District Classified
  • Mary Beth Apperson, District Administrator
  • Meredith Pollard, Norfolk Administrator
  • Dr. Natasha Filipski, Norfolk Faculty
  • Kristen Sahut, Norfolk Classified
  • Katina Barnes, Portsmouth Administrator
  • Novella Harrison, Portsmouth Classified
  • Vacant, Portsmouth Faculty
  • Geraldine Wright, Portsmouth Faculty
  • Cassandra Harris, Virginia Beach Administrator
  • Dr. Jan Taylor-Magee, Virginia Beach Classified
  • Sandra Bryant, Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Ellyn Hodgis, Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Andrea Palmisano, Virginia Beach Faculty
  • Patricia Lee, Wage Employees
  • Brenda Boone, Adjunct
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