President’s Advisory and Planning Council (PAPC)

The President's Advisory and Planning Council (PAPC)

  • Advises the president on college-wide matters, particularly in the college's annual and strategic planning process
  • Handles the ongoing assessment of the governance system and oversees the creation of new committees
  • Makes assignments to standing committees as needed
  • Reports to the President


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Joseph Fairchild

Terrence Johnson

Committee Charge

1. Develop and recommend a procedure which, on a periodic basis, provides for the formal solicitation, review, and proposed modifications to the college mission statement in order to support SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation Comprehensive Standard 3.1.1:

"The mission statement is current and comprehensive, accurately guides the institution's operations, is periodically reviewed and updated, is approving by the governing board, and is communicated to the institution's constituencies (emphasis added)."

Any proposed mission modifications must also be in accordance with SACSCOC Principles of Accreditation Core Requirement 2.4: 

"The institution has a clearly defined, comprehensive, and published mission statement that is specific to the institution and appropriate for higher education. The mission addresses teaching and learning and, where applicable, research and public service."

2. Working with Institutional Effectiveness, the Director of the QEP, Academics, other appropriate college divisions, and initiative leadership ensure the following:

a) Revisions to the QEP (PACE) are communicated to the college's governance structure each semester

b) QEP (PACE), through review of QEP periodic reporting and consultation with initiative leadership, coordination and integration with the Guided Pathways project, Co-Curricular Initiative, and the upcoming Advising Initiative is communicated to the college community through the governance structure each semester.

PAPC Members 2017-2018
  • Chair: Joseph Fairchild, Presidential Appointee
  • Secretary: Thomas Geary, Faculty Professional Development Committee
  • Blair Rhodes, Administrative Association Chair
  • Sarah Lupton, Administrative Association Appointee
  • Toni Dixon, Classified Association Chair
  • Nancy Jones, Classified Association Appointee
  • Judy Gill, College Faculty Senate Chair
  • Nancy Prather-Johnson, College Faculty Senate Appointee
  • Ané Pearman, Classroom Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee Chair
  • Mary Gable, Curriculum Committee Chair
  • Jeffery Boyd, Executive Staff Chair
  • William Conner, Global and Intercultural Learning Committee Chair
  • Josh Howell, Instruction Committee Chair
  • Jim Hines, Internal Relations Committee Chair
  • Matthew Watts, Online Learning Committee Chair
  • Adam Hess, Student Federation Chair
  • Vacant, Student Representative
  • Emily Hartman, Student Success Committee Chair
  • Batanya Gipson, Workforce Solutions Committee Chair
  • Sarah Falls, Librarian
  • Danielle Giscombe, Counselor
  • Karen Campbell, Presidential Appointee
  • Laura Soulsby, Presidential Appointee
  • Monica McFerrin, Past Chair (Ex-Officio)


PAPC members include:

  • Last year's chair will serve as Past Chair
  • One member appointed by the Executive Staff 
  • Chair of the College Faculty Senate 
  • Chair of the Administrative Association 
  • Chair of the Classified Association
  • Chair of the SGA Federation Council 
  • One person appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • One person appointed by the Administrative Association 
  • One classified employee appointed by the Classified Association
  • One student appointed by the SGA Federation Council 
  • Chair of the Classroom Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee
  • Chair of the Internal Relations Committee 
  • Chair of the Student Success Committee 
  • Chair of the Workforce Solutions Committee
  • Chair of the Curriculum Committee
  • Chair of the Instruction Committee
  • Chair of the Global and Intercultural Learning Committee
  • Chair of the Online Learning Committee
  • One librarian elected college-wide 
  • One counselor elected college-wide 
  • Three members appointed by the President.

(If necessary the President is asked to use the appointments to ensure that each campus has at least one representative on the Council.)

  • The PAPC will meet during the months of September and November (first semester) at 2 p.m. on the Norfolk Campus.  During the second semester the PAPC meetings will be called as needed at the discretion of the President and the PAPC chair.
  • The meeting location, unless otherwise noted, will be on the Norfolk Campus.
  • A simple majority of the currently elected and appointed PAPC membership shall constitute a quorum.
  • All meetings will be held face-to-face.
  • Elections will be held at the May meeting, which should include both incoming and outgoing members to facilitate the transition from year to year with only incoming members eligible to vote.
  • Special and summer meetings will be held on an as-needed basis with no less than two weeks' notification.
Compiled End-of-Year Reports for All Governance Groups

Academic year:

Compiled Mid-Year Reports for All Governance Groups

Academic year:

Governance Timeline
  • Fall Convocation Week:  Each governance committee will schedule a session to orient new members. 
  • September 15: By September 15 of each year, all committees will have received their charges, and the committee chairs will report those charges to the President’s Advisory and Planning Council.  If a committee fails to receive a charge from the appropriate executive staff member, by September 15, the President’s Advisory and Planning Council chair will report this to the Executive Staff.
  • October 1: By October 1 of each year, the President’s Advisory and Planning Council chair will consolidate all committee charges and ensure they are published on the web.
  • January 31:  By January 31 of each year, all governance committees will create a brief mid-year update to present to the President’s Advisory and Planning Council as well as the appropriate executive staff person.  The President’s Advisory and Planning Council chair will consolidate these reports and publish them to the web.  Constituent Groups are encouraged to submit a mid-year update as well.
  • March 15: By March 15 of each year, each governance committee chair must send the President’s Advisory and Planning Council chair a list of membership openings. 
  • March 15: On March 15 of each year, the chair of the President’s Advisory and Planning Council must send out a TCC_ALL email to call on volunteers for all committee openings.  This email should include a brief description of each committee’s responsibilities and the chairs’ contact information. 
  • March 15 : On or before March 15 of each year, or as soon as possible thereafter, all governance committees will hold their elections for general membership per the election procedures. Constituent groups are encouraged to do likewise.
  • April 15:  By April 15 of each year, each governance committee chair must have completed membership elections and must submit a complete roster of members for the upcoming year to the President’s Advisory and Planning Council.
  • May 1: By May 1 of each year, governance committee chairs must send a list of new officers for the upcoming year to the President’s Advisory and Planning Council. This will mean that governance committees will need to meet in a timely fashion.  If a committee fails to report new officers to the President’s Advisory and Planning Council, the PAPC chair will contact the committee members, solicit volunteers for officers, and hold electronic elections if necessary. By May 1 of each year, each committee must present an annual report of activities, accomplishments, goals, and recommendations to the College President, the appropriate member of the Executive Staff, and the President’s Advisory and Planning Council.
  • May 15: By May 15 of each year, the President’s Advisory and Planning Council must meet to hold elections for the upcoming year.

Elections must follow the Governance Timeline.

The Faculty Senate, the Classified Association, the Administrative Association, and the Learning Resources Centers will handle their own elections and appointments.

The standing counselor on the President’s Advisory and Planning Council will coordinate elections for counselors throughout the Governance System.

When the phrase "elected college-wide" appears on a membership list, the appropriate group will conduct the election — not the entire college community. For example, when a membership list calls for "one counselor elected college-wide" the counselors of the college will elect a counselor as their representative to the committee in question.

Presidential appointments will be for one year only, but the president can re-appoint a person to the same committee as long as it will only be that person’s second consecutive year on that same committee.

Election of Officers
  • The PAPC will hold elections of officers after the May 1 deadline for all governance committees to hold their own officer elections and before May 15. Constituency groups are requested to adhere to the Governance Timeline.
  • PAPC officers will be elected by incoming members.
  • On June 1 of each year, PAPC officers shall begin their one-year terms.