Virginia Beach Campus incident update

June 29, 2017


I want to provide the latest information on the security incident yesterday on the Virginia Beach Campus.

As you know from news reports, one of our instructors was accosted by a man with a handgun in the Virginia Beach Building. He fled when she screamed. Thankfully, the instructor was not injured.

This is now a law enforcement matter. The investigation is in the hands of Virginia Beach Police, and the college is working closely with them. Any information about the investigation will come from Virginia Beach Police. We will review TCC’s response to this incident in order to continuously improve our safety and communications protocols.

I do want to let you know that we are adding a guard to the Virginia Beach Security staff for the time being. Ten guards are currently assigned to Virginia Beach.

Of course, we are making sure our summer campers are safe and secure. A guard will be on hand as the children are coming and going, and camp hosts and leaders will do everything they can to watch out for children’s safety while they are on our campuses.

This incident demonstrates how a crisis situation can erupt without warning anywhere and anytime. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. We must all familiarize ourselves with established safety procedures so we know what to do.

Learn about emergency proceduresFinally – and most importantly – I urge every member of this college community to sign up for TCC Alerts.

You will receive real-time updates on critical incidents via phone, text and email. Encourage your students to sign up, and ask your students to encourage their families to sign up, too. This includes families of our summer campers.

If you are already subscribed, remember to confirm your information from time to time.


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