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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

National Hispanic Heritage Month is recognized starting on September 15. Join TCC to celebrate and recognize the contributions of the Hispanic community to our country’s history, culture, and heritage.

TCC will celebrate the rich and diverse cultural traditions of Hampton Roads’ Hispanic-American community during Hispanic Heritage Month with activities on all four campuses. And we want you there whether you are or aren’t a part of the Hispanic community.

Learn about how important and impactful the Hispanic-American community has been to our country. Learning from the past makes it possible to create a better future not just for us but for those who come after. In the past, TCC has hosted events that include:

  • Speaker series
  • Campus fiestas
  • Game nights
  • Dancers performing selected tangos
  • Theatrical performances

Each campus will be hosting speakers and events that will be focused on why it’s important to know about the history of Hispanics and how knowing more brings us all closer together.

Come and show your support for the community by checking out fun activities and informative presentations that will give you a better understanding of the struggles and accomplishments of the Hispanic community.

All events are free and open to the public.