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TCC continues to support students through the COVID-19 pandemic.See the latest

Call with questions: 757-822-1111

Information for Students

This page was last modified on May 21, 2020 at 10:51 am. This page will keep the TCC community informed of the college’s actions and any operating schedule changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Information for students

Due to COVID-19, the NAS 2 Challenge Exam will temporarily be provided remotely using Canvas. To test, students will need a computer (desktop or laptop) with a webcam and audio capabilities, and they will be required to download the Respondus Lockdown Browser. Please contact any Testing Center via email to request a NAS 2 Challenge Exam remote testing appointment. Include in the request your name, SIS ID number, and phone number in the email.

The email addresses for each of the campus testing centers are provided for your reference:

Chesapeake Campus

Norfolk Campus

Portsmouth Campus

Virginia Beach Campus

Classes resumed on Monday, March 23, using remote instruction methods for the remainder of the semester.

TCC’s 2020 Summer Session will begin as scheduled on Monday, May 18. Because the Governor’s stay-at-home order extends through June 10, the following courses will be taught online or through remote instruction methods:

  • 10-week courses (May 18-July 31)
  • 8-week courses (May 18-July 17)
  • First 6-week courses (May 18-June 29)
  • Dynamic courses that begin before July 6 (schedule)

Second 6-week courses (July 6-August 14) may be taught face-to-face if the public health situation allows. Check the class schedule frequently for updates.

Instructors will contact students via TCC email with details about their classes. Check your student email frequently!

You have received an invitation in your TCC email to join a new course to assist you to learn online. To access this course, use this link. The user-friendly course includes three sections:

  • Learning Online
  • Learning with Canvas
  • Learning with Zoom

Students needing services, such as the library or advising, must use online options.

Current Students

In May 2020, TCC disbursed $5,979,375 in CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds to 5,315 students who were enrolled in Spring 2020, whose education was disrupted by COVID-19. This statement provides additional details.

The Zoom app is located on the “Home” page inside myTCC.  Contact your instructor or advisor via email to request a Zoom meeting. When the meeting is scheduled, you will receive a link inviting you to join the meeting. Meetings can also take place through email and phone.

Yes. In response to the COVID-19 emergency and the resulting transition to remote instruction, Virginia’s Community Colleges will use a new grading scale for spring 2020 classes that end after April 7. Additional information is posted on this FAQ page. If you need guidance, consult an academic advisor. You can also ask a question by completing this form.

Examples of remote instruction include email, webinars, mobile phones, discussion boards, social media, and other forms of instructional technology, including distance learning. Instructors will contact students with details on the type of remote instruction that will be used.

Dual-enrollment students who were taking courses on a TCC campus are continuing through the end of the semester using remote instruction. Students who were taking courses in their high schools will receive guidance from their school division.

Rentals: All Spring 2020 rental textbooks must be returned by May 11 using a free shipping label via UPS. Follow these links for easy step-by-step rental return instructions.

Virginia Beach Campus rentals

MacArthur Center rentals (Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake campuses)

If you have any problems printing the rental return label, please email the bookstore management team at

Buybacks: Due to the college continuing to exercise COVID-19 practices through June 10, Spring 2020 Buyback will be extended through July 31.

*Please DO NOT SHIP textbooks for buyback as this must be an in-person transaction.  Students can contact the Barnes & Noble at TCC bookstore management team with any questions or concerns


Everything you need to start at TCC or continue your education is available through online or virtual services. See all of our virtual services here.

No. You can request an I (incomplete) from your instructor(s) for the course(s). This is not automatic and you must have been making satisfactory completion in the class up to the point where it changed to online.

Financial Aid & Paying for College

Your Financial Aid will not be affected as a result of the change in the mode of instruction, but you must continue to attend all your classes. Dropping, withdrawing, or failing to attend classes could require a recalculation of your financial aid, even if already received, and could impact Satisfactory Academic Progress eligibility for future terms.

TCC will be offering remote services to students who have questions about their Financial Aid.  Remote Financial Aid services will include features for students to upload documentation, receive email notifications related to your Financial Aid status via your student email and the Student Message Center, communicate with Financial Aid staff about their specific questions via email, phone or live chat. 

Submitting Financial Aid Documents: Documents required by TCC Financial Aid for verification or any other needed Financial Aid document should be uploaded through the Document Submission Portal.

Financial Aid Communication:  Check your personal and/or VCCS email regularly. You will also be directed to review all communication on the Message Center in your Student Services Center. Read and take action as needed.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the 24-Hour Support Center at 855-308-5614.

Student Financial Services has established a process for requesting refunds. Please follow the instructions in this form. If you have questions contact your campus business office.

The college accepts online payments with your credit/debit card (MasterCard and Visa) or eCheck through QuikPay.  Click here to see instructions to pay tuition online.

Cash will not be accepted during college closure.  Students are encouraged to use PrePaid Cards to pay online or other methods of payment during the college closure.

The college will continue to accept employer billing authorization letters (on company letterhead) submitted through the Business Office Document Portal.

Students may continue to sign up for TCC’s payment plan online.  Click here for more information.

Students may contact the college’s Business Offices at the email addresses below:


If we have all of the information we need, TCC Financial Aid will begin preparing aid notifications for the 2020 Summer Session and Fall/Spring 2020-2021 within the next few weeks. Possible delays in processing could occur if campus operations are further interrupted by COVID-19, but we anticipate continuing to process as we usually would.

To expedite your financial aid, be sure to submit your financial aid verification documents at the Document Submission Portal. Contact the financial aid Support Center at 855-308-5614 for more information.

You will be paid whether or not you work. This does not apply to VA work-study students. The Center for Military & Veteran’s Education will provide guidance when available

Yes. Applications for TCC’s 2020 fall scholarship cycle opened April 15 and will be accepted until June 15 and will be accepted through June 5. Visit the scholarship page to find your fit.

New Students

No. Virginia’s Community Colleges waived the placement test requirement for Summer 2020. Placement tests will also not be required for Fall 2020. Students will be placed in English and math courses based on their high school GPA and math courses taken. Self-placement options will be offered to older students.

Yes. Call 757-822-1111, email, or chat with one of our experts. Placement testing is no longer required. It will be helpful if you can provide your GPA as of the close of school, any SAT or ACT scores, and a list of math and English classes you’ve taken. You don’t need a final transcript.

Absolutely! Before you register, consult with an academic advisor at your home school to determine which TCC courses will satisfy requirements for your four-year degree. More information for visiting students

Call 757-822-1111, email, or chat with one of our experts about getting started. The summer session begins Monday, May 18. All of the courses will be offered online or through remote instruction. Face-to-face courses will begin again in July if the public health situation permits.

Active Duty Military Students FAQS

For military service members getting orders to move/relocate:

  • Contact each of your faculty members and let them know that you are being deployed. If you can, provide them with information on the access you will have via internet to continue in your classes. 
  • Since you are being deployed by the military, TCC does have a Tuition Refund Appeal process for individuals to receive tuition back for dropped classes that you may wish to pursue. You have to have dropped the class with a “W” so be aware of those drop dates. You must complete the tuition appeal form. Submit the appeal form with copies of your orders showing you have been deployed to the business office.

Here are some links that you can review for the tuition refund policy.

  • Students can apply for federal financial aid.  Additionally, there are many scholarship opportunities on the TCC Financial Aid site.  
  • Complete the FAFSA online at
  • Check your myTCC account regularly to monitor the status of your application. You will receive a Student Aid Report (which contains your expected family contribution) and may be asked to provide additional information.
  • If you’re eligible for aid, TCC will send you an aid offer showing the amount and types of aid available to you.
  • Review your official financial aid award offer carefully and follow the directions for next steps. Some sources of aid (such as student loans) require an additional application process.
    • Students planning to attend in Summer 2020: Complete the 2019-20 FAFSA
    • Students planning to attend in Fall 2020: Complete the 2020-21 FAFSA

If you are making good progress and passing your TA-funded courses, request a letter grade (A, B, C). You may also request an Incomplete (I) from your instructor if the course can be completed in a subsequent semester. If it appears you may not pass, you may withdraw from a course with a grade of W. Under normal circumstances, a W would require the service member to reimburse their service branch for tuition; however, TCC is working collaboratively with the service branches to mitigate debt placed on service members.

Veterans GI Bill® FAQ

The Department of Veterans Affairs has provided guidance to colleges that your monthly housing allowance will continue as of your current enrollment and current certifications for up to four weeks of shifting from in-class to online delivery due to an emergency. This is for all currently enrolled and certified students.

TCC is not making changes to any certification to the VA to reflect the college-wide movement to distance education.  Currently certified classes will be paid as originally reported.  

Do not enroll in online developmental classes for the 2nd 8 week term or dynamic sessions; they are not approved for benefits.

If you have questions, email

Under the current TCC policy, students will not be eligible for a refund for dropped classes past the drop date.  There is a window at the beginning of each term to drop a class for a tuition refund. 

No, per the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) policy, students taking developmental classes must demonstrate a need in order to receive benefits for those classes.  To determine the need, students must take the Challenge Exam; that restriction has not been lifted at this time. 

No. the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has advised schools that payments to students will not change if the only change made to the course is the teaching modality due to COVID-19.

If are currently registered for or will register for a classroom based developmental course and TCC converts it to online delivery, the VA will pay for that course from March 1, 2020 to December 21st 2020.

All colleges are mandated to report withdrawals to the DVA for students using any GI Bill®.  DVA will reach out to students via a letter to inquire as to the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal.  It is up to the DVA to assign debt to the student or not.   If you withdraw from classes, there is not a debt to the college for education benefits.   There may be a debt if you withdraw from all of your classes and are receiving financial aid. 

Yes, an ECR is required for each semester when a student registers for class.  This is how we know you intend to use your education benefits and keeps classes from dropping due to non-payment (for Post 9/11, VMSDEP, and Vocational Rehabilitation)    


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