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Tidewater Community College’s Career Studies Certificate in Marine Electrical prepares you for an in-demand career in the maritime field as quickly as possible.

Marine electricians are responsible for inspecting, installing, maintaining and replacing electrical systems on boats, ships and other vessels.

This curriculum is focused on the maintenance and repair of shipboard electrical and electronic systems. You will learn fundamental electrical skills, circuits, transformers, power distribution and electric motor control, in addition to gaining a strong foundation in ship systems and marine electronics.

Students are encouraged to expand their maritime expertise with approved electives in maritime technologies, marine mechanical and maritime welding.

Graduates typically work in marinas, boatyards and shipyards or aboard ships.

Electricians who have already completed an apprenticeship may pursue marine electrician training to advance their careers.

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Apply all your credits toward TCC's Associate of Applied Science in Maritime Technologies, Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Technology and an Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Technology.

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What does this program cost?

TCC’s Career Studies Certificate in Marine Electrical consists of 2 semesters of part-time study, with classes held mainly at the Chesapeake Campus.

Estimated Program Cost*:
19 credits x $185.35 per credit = $3,521.65 (not including textbooks and supplies)
*Based on Fall 2018 in-state tuition. Your actual cost may differ.

Where can you go?

Apply your credits toward an associate degree in electronics technology, electrical technology or maritime technologies

Is this program for you?

Yes, if you: 

  • are a good multitasker
  • enjoy working with your hands
  • are comfortable working in small spaces
  • have good manual dexterity 
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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there will be a 15 to 20 percent shortage of qualified maritime journeymen through 2020

Paid apprenticeships are available at companies like AMSEC, BAE Systems, Colonna’s Shipyard, Norfolk Naval Shipyard and Oceaneering

Cooperative education opportunities allow you to earn college credit on the job in one of the busiest, fastest growing port areas in the nation


“I saw myself in the classroom sharing ‘sea stories’ with my students when I was in Hawaii,” he said. “It’s a real privilege to be part of their journey.” – Bruce Bremer


Hear from three registered apprentices at TCC earning academic and industry credentials 


TCC partners with employers offering apprenticeship opportunities in the maritime industry