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Maritime Welding

Career Studies Certificate

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Develop the skills you need to land in-demand, high-paying employment available across the region

You will be prepared to pass employer-specific certification after graduation

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According to a federal report, more than 26,000 private-industry jobs in Virginia were directly linked to shipbuilding and ship repair in 2011. In two years or less, maritime welding students at Tidewater Community College are developing the skills they need to land high-demand, high-paying careers as maritime welders and ship repairers.

Courses in the one-year Career Studies Certificate in Maritime Welding provide fundamental instruction in ship systems, maritime welding and special maritime welding techniques. Experienced instructors with real-life shipyard experience will teach you the practical skills you need to immediately enter the workforce in industries such as shipyards, marine welding companies and welding firms.

Due to a critical shortage of workers in Hampton Road’s maritime and shipbuilding industries, high-paying welding careers are available across the region. Graduates are qualified for positions as a welder’s helper, apprentice welder, arc welder, gas welder or ship repairer. 

Certify your skills

Earn valuable industry credentials! Course work in the program qualifies you to sit for one or more exams administered by the American Welding Society. 

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What does this program cost?

TCC's Career Studies Certificate in Welding consists of 2 semesters of part-time study, with classes offered on the Portsmouth Campus.

Estimated Program Cost*:
19 credits x $185.35 per credit = $3,521.65 (not including textbooks and supplies)
*Based on Fall 2018 in-state tuition. Your actual cost may differ.

Students are responsible for purchasing their own personal protection equipment, including steel-toed work shoes and safety glasses. 

Where can you go?

Students are prepared for entry into the workforce. Also, you may apply your credits to TCC's Certificate in Welding.

Is this program for you?

Yes, if you: 

  • work well in groups
  • are detail-oriented
  • enjoy working with your hands
  • have good hand-eye coordination 
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According to the American Welding Society, only half of 600,000 welding jobs in the U.S. are filled

Learn in a welding lab, designed to industry standards, where you can develop skills in welding and cutting processes

"Midnight welding" courses allow students with offbeat schedules to get a degree without missing work

Median annual salary

Jobs related to this field have a median annual salary of $50,544*

Student success

Alyssa Shepherd and Christopher Newbill earned career studies certificates in maritime welding before graduating from high school.


It's midnight and these students are welding

* Salary estimate is provided for comparison purposes only and doesn’t constitute a promise of employment or earnings. Salaries were calculated based on related job codes and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.