Challenge Examinations

Currently enrolled, curriculum-placed students may challenge a TCC course by taking the final examination for the course with the approval of the division dean and the program head/discipline faculty. Before seeking approval to take a challenge examination, a student should be prepared to show evidence that s/he has attained equivalent knowledge and skills through post-secondary life/work experience or non-credit programs and courses. Credit may be awarded provided conditions have been met as outlined below.

General education or liberal arts courses may be challenged using such programs as Advanced Placement (AP) and College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Credits can be earned by achieving TCC’s minimum standard score. Local TCC challenge exams will not be given for general education or liberal arts (transfer) courses.

Challenge Examination Procedure

  1. Student obtains permission from the discipline faculty or program head using the Application for Credit by Exam or Previous Non-Collegiate Training or Experience. A separate form is needed for each course challenged. The faculty member or program head will verify the following before granting approval:

    • The student is currently enrolled in a related academic plan and can show evidence that s/he has sufficient post-secondary background and experience to challenge the course.
    • The prefix, number, title and credits of the course being challenged are appropriate for the student's background and experience.
    • The challenged course does not duplicate previous coursework for which credit has been awarded.
    • The student has not already earned credit for a higher-level course in the same content area.
    • The student is not currently enrolled in the course and has not previously attended, failed, audited or withdrawn from the course.
    • The student has not previously attempted a challenge exam for the same course. Students who fail the challenge exam must register for the course and complete the course requirements to earn credit.
  2. Student submits the completed form and supporting documentation (e.g. resume, non-credit course syllabus/materials) to the faculty member administering the exam.
  3. The faculty member administering the exam signs the application and provides the course prefix, number, title and credits; date of the exam; and grade earned on the exam.
  4. The faculty member administering the exam submits the completed form and all supporting documentation (including the graded exam) to the appropriate academic division dean for review (see item 1 above).
  5. The academic dean signs and submits the form and supporting documentation (including the graded exam) to the Office of the College Registrar for processing and posting of credit on the transcript as appropriate.

    • Credit will be awarded only for a grade of "C" or higher.
    • Credit will be posted to the transcript as "TR" (transfer) credit.
    • Credit will not be used to meet the residency requirement for graduation.
    • Credit posted applies only to the student’s current curriculum at TCC and may not be accepted in another program or by another college or university.
    • No more than 25 percent of the credit hours applied towards the major can be earned through challenge exams.