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Chesapeake Clubs & Organizations

The Chesapeake Campus clubs and student organizations offer a wide array of opportunities to get involved in your campus and the community. Getting involved can help you make new friends; develop leadership skills; support causes important to you; and put your classroom knowledge to use.  

Explore Chesapeake Campus clubs and get involved today! 

Have questions about starting a student organization or club, promoting upcoming events, or reserving space for meetings? Contact

Sarah Hair
Coordinator of Student Leadership & Development
Phone: 757-822-5123


Purpose: Promotes students engaging in learning opportunities and competition with other schools raising awareness of science, technology, engineering and math.


William Simmons

Purpose: To encourage and individuals creative writing potential, and further expand their creativity in a safe and positive environment.


Rick Alley
(757) 822-5023

Honor Societies

Purpose: Promote scholarship, the development of leadership, and services and cultivation of fellowship among qualified TCC students.


Jenny Dozier


Purpose: Provide opportunities to learn and practice leadership and employability skills


David Brown

Purpose: Establish channels of student-faculty-administration communication, to develop campus and college activities, to encourage participation in campus and college life, to develop student responsibilities, and to protect individual and student group freedoms in all areas.


Sara Hair


Purpose: To provide an environment where interested students can learn the Bible and discover how to apply its teachings to their lives individually, as well as within their communities.


Elizabeth Briggs

Purpose: To introduce people to Christianity and to teach personal finances and budgeting from a Christian worldview.


Bob Willets


Purpose: Promote helping others and the environment through service projects and raising awareness of environmental issues.


Holly Destili

Special Interest

Purpose: Promote the appreciation of ancient and modern Japanese culture through animation and graphic novels as well as build positive social interaction and camaraderie among students; allow students to enjoy a friendly, peaceful, competitive environment and to increase knowledge of gaming culture and careers.


Kyndra Brown

Purpose:To provide creative conflict resolution exercises and promote character and skill growth amongst members. In addition, D&D also helps develop the ability, in its members, to quickly access situations and resolve them effectively with the tools provided around them


Cian Branco

Purpose:To bring together fellow artists throughout the Chesapeake campus and allow them to express their love for art in a safe, and exciting environment through individual and collaborative club opportunities.


Jill Hartney
(757) 822-5268

Purpose:To provide its members with the opportunity to increase their financial knowledge, to learn about investing in stocks, as well as various other asset classes, and to have fun while doing it through continuous education, sharing of research, and open dialogue with industry experts.


Sean Lacroix
(757) 822-5019

Purpose: Introduce TCC students to the positive impacts of local ecosystem preservation While encouraging students to serve the college and community as volunteer ecosystem stewards.


Marc Wingette

Purpose: To create a “League of Legends” community within all campuses of TCC and to play competitively among the club on a local, regional, and national scale.


Jeanine Ortiz
(757) 822-5059

Purpose:Create and inclusive and welcoming environment, support, and resources for the LGBTQIA community.


Sarah Hair
(757) 822-5123