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Frequently Asked Questions

Why developmental math?

TCC recognizes that many students are not quite prepared to take college-level math. With our support and some hard work on the student’s part, however, we believe that most students can reach and succeed in college-level math.

How do I know if I need to take developmental math?

Since placement in math is determined by placement test results, it is important that students take the college’s placement tests seriously and that they do their personal best. After taking the placement tests, students should meet with a counselor or academic advisor during a Freshman Orientation Centered Upon Success (FOCUS) session  or make an appointment to visit one prior to registering for classes. Performance on the math placement test along with the student's academic goals at TCC will determine the math courses that a student must take.

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What is developmental math?

  • Prior to spring 2012, developmental math consisted of 3 courses, each offered as a 4-credit or 5-credit course: MTH 2, MTH 3, and MTH 4.
  • Beginning with spring 2012, developmental math will be offered as 9 separate 1-credit MTE courses. A student may take up to four MTE courses during a semester/term.  The developmental math coursework that students will be required to take depends on his or her proficiency in math and the college-level math coursework that must be completed to meet the requirements of his or her plan of study.

Why the change for developmental math?

  • To reduce the amount of time it takes a student to complete developmental math (to one year or less for most students)
  • To increase student success in mathematics
  • To promote the likelihood that a student will graduate from TCC

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I am currently enrolled in developmental math. How does this change affect me?

The impact of the redesigned developmental math depends on:





  • A student's performance in the math course that is being taken (or has been taken)
  • The first college-level math course that a student is planning to take to meet the requirements of his or her degree/certificate.

Students who are currently enrolled in a developmental math course and/or whose last math class taken at TCC was a developmental math class should use the tool at the start of this website to determine the math course(s) required next or download this attachment. To use either, check the College Catalog to determine the first college-level math course required for your program of study.


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What happens if I change my program of study?

Students who change their program of study should consult with a college counselor or academic advisor to determine if the proficiency level expected in math differs for the new program of study.

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I’m planning to register for courses. What if I change my class schedule and how might this impact any aid I am expecting?





TCC advises students to register for and participate in all classes, especially its developmental classes (if applicable). To maximize financial aid eligibility, students should register for all classes they intend to take by the last day to drop for tuition refund for a regular semester/term—regardless of the start date or deadlines for a given class within that particular semester/term. Since the amount of aid awarded and disbursed is based upon a student’s enrollment as of this date, students should avoid any modification to their overall credit hours of enrollment.

Based on placement test results, some students will be directed to take a college-level English or math course. As with any course, if a student decides to drop or withdraw, there may be financial and/or academic consequences. Students should discuss dropping the course with their faculty member and be aware of the deadlines before doing so. These deadlines are particularly important for students who have been awarded the Federal Pell Grant, other Federal grants, Federal Student Loans, state grants, veterans benefits, military tuition assistance (TA), etc.  

If a student earns a grade in a course that requires a re-take (e.g., “F,” “U,” or “R”), he or she should re-enroll in the class that needs to be taken again, drop the class(es) in which he or she is no longer eligible to take (if applicable), and add any new additional class(es) that are needed to maintain the total number of credit hours for which financial aid eligibility was determined.

For example, if you were placed into MTE 1, 2, and 3, and were not successful in MTE 1, you should (within the same day), drop MTE 2 and 3, re-enroll in MTE 1, and enroll in MTE 2. For more information, students are encouraged to contact any Enrollment Services office.  

Should I retake the math placement test?


Math placement test scores are valid for two (2) years after the date of the test. Students who do not enroll in developmental math are allowed to take one (1) retest within twelve (12) months. Students who attempt developmental mathematics will be ineligible for a retest.

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