eLearning provides alternatives to traditional classroom instruction in a variety of ways. TCC eLearning classes are academically equivalent to traditional, face-to-face classes but have fewer, or in some cases, no class meetings.

Online Courses

One type of eLearning class is commonly referred to as an online class. Delivered through the learning management system, Blackboard, these classes are particularly valuable for motivated students with good self-discipline and time management skills who cannot easily attend regular traditional classes. Regular and reliable access to the Internet and strong technical skills are necessary for success in online classes.

Typically, students are expected to access their courses in Blackboard and use email several times a week – or even daily - to participate in class activities and to meet class deadlines. As with all college classes, students should plan to devote about 4 hours a week for each credit hour (12 hours for a 3-credit class). Some classes may require face-to-face meetings or other proctored activities such as exams, as described on the syllabus for each course provided by the instructor in the course’s Blackboard site.

Students should take the online self-assessment, before registering for an online course.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are a combination of Internet-based coursework and traditional classroom meetings, with the mix of online to on-campus activities determined by the instructor. Hybrid courses require students to use a computer and have Internet access for some activities and to come to campus on specified days and times for other activities, as described on the syllabus provided by the instructor.

Technology-Enhanced Courses

Technology-enhanced courses follow a traditional on-campus meeting schedule, but they may require students to use a computer and to have Internet access for some activities and assignments. A variety of technologies may be required, such as use of Blackboard, word processing, PowerPoint, email, and others.

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