TCC-AAWCC Chapter Mentoring Circles Event (7/19)

July 19, 2019

Location: TCC Norfolk Campus,Student Center

Address: 300 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

Time: 1 - 4 p.m.

The Mentoring Circles Event is a mini-conference, speed-dating style, with multiple sessions to help empower, educate, and inform participants. Participants attend several 30-minute sessions facilitated by college and community leaders, delving into specific topics based on the event focus - Leading, Overcoming, Accountability, and Advancement.

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Got Leadership Skills? — Flex It!
Facilitator: Amanda Lloyd, Director, TCC Academy for Nonprofit Excellence
The Situational Leadership® II model is an easy-to-understand, practical framework that helps those who manage individuals diagnose the needs of their people and then provide the appropriate leadership style to meet those needs. Participants will 1) identify four leadership styles, 2) demonstrate diagnostic skills for choosing an appropriate leadership style for a given development level of an individual, and 3) identify how to provide direction and support to others and lead them effectively as they accomplish tasks.

Life Hacks: When Trauma Hits Home and Work Must Go On
Facilitator: Marilyn Medley, TCC Coordinator of Enrollment Services – VB Campus
We all experience life occurrences that can get us off track. As women, the trauma can be more difficult as we attempt to continue in our new normal and be everything to everyone. Using personal experience, Marilyn Medley will help us learn ways to manage through personal trauma, redefine what is important, selfishly love ourselves, and move forward.

Organizational Trauma: When the Work World Turns Upside Down
Facilitator: Marcee Andersen, Dean, TCC Division of Humanities
Trauma is a common facet in any organizational unit. Trauma can be stated to mean stress or change from the normal setting of any given individual, which has a downward influence on work performance, individual personality, and individual coping strategies. We will examine the realities of organizational trauma and ways to begin the healing process.

Turning the Burden of Accountability into a Catalyst for Change
Facilitator: Terry Corrigan, TCC Program Accreditation Coordinator, TCC-AAWCC President-Elect
Accountability determines results! Being personally and professionally responsible in our roles and within our organization is integral to success. In this session, participants will delve into the culture of accountability and the assumptions that grow with it; understand the relationship between accountability and responsibility and find ways the organization and its employees can have a shared vision through a positive “lens”.

Closing Session
The closing session will be facilitated by the Hampton Roads Chapter of P.E.O. (Philanthropic Educational Organization). P.E.O. is a philanthropic organization where women CELEBRATE the advancement of women; EDUCATE women through scholarships, grants, awards, loans, and stewardship of Cottey College and MOTIVATE women to achieve their highest aspirations. Learn ways P.E.O. can assist you in funding your education and reaching your professional development goals.