Introducing iGrad

Let TCC and iGrad help you make smarter financial decisions

Managing your money is one of the most important skills you can ever learn.

TCC is proud to partner with iGrad to provide you with life-changing financial advice that will help you make smarter spending decisions while planning for a career after you graduate.

Free and easy to use

iGrad is free for you to use. This interactive website makes personal financial education easy – and even fun!

All on one website, you can:

  • Learn about financial aid and scholarships
  • Track your student loans in one convenient location
  • Build smart spending habits
  • Polish your resume and search for jobs
  • Understand credit cards and credit reports
  • Learn how to limit exposure to identity theft
  • Gain a grasp of how banking and investing work.


Resources for grads and parents

And iGrad isn’t just for undergraduates. There are modules for parents, as well as for those who have graduated from college.

iGrad gives you the option to review articles, watch videos, complete surveys and online course work, use calculators, access a personal finance coach, and participate in discussion forums geared toward improving your financial health.

Personalized tools to help you achieve career and financial goals

Once you create an iGrad profile, you can customize your learning experience, adding information about your financial priorities and current career path. You’ll get access to free tools and personalized recommendations that will help you find your ideal job. Like games? iGrad has those, too! Play Financial Football or ID Theft Faceoff to test your skills and knowledge.

Get started

You can access iGrad's resources at any time on any device. Be sure to stop by regularly for new information as it becomes available. Check out iGrad today!

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