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TCC Faculty Academy Evaluation by Mentor

(End of Academic Year)
Please answer the following questions by selecting the number that reflects your response.

5 - Strongly Disagree
4 - Disagree
3 - Agree
2 - Strongly Agree
1 - Not enough information to respond
Please write a short narrative summarizing the mentee’s progress during the initial year of employment at TCC based on your work with the person. At a minimum, your narrative should provide some additional detail to the answers you provided above; identify major advances the mentee made this year; and identify areas that need additional development by the mentee.
Finally, please describe what this mentorship meant to you and identify any area(s) that you believe need improvement (or deletion) from the New Faculty Mentorship Program.
Thank you for providing this valuable service to the college and the teaching profession during this past academic year.
5 + 3 =