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Scholarship Thank You Program
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Permission To Release Education Records To A Third Party

As a recipient of scholarship funds, I hereby voluntarily authorize and grant permission to Tidewater Community College, through its Office of Development and Educational Foundation, to provide certain education records to donors of those scholarship funds. Specifically, I authorize the release of my name, hometown, curriculum plan, and award amounts to scholarship donors. Further, I acknowledge that this authorization allows this disclosure even if I have placed a FERPA block on such information at one of TCC's Enrollment Services Offices.

This authorization will NOT change or remove the FERPA block for purposes other than those specified herein. This authorization specifically contemplates the release of ?education records? as defined by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (FERPA). I acknowledge that my eligibility for scholarship funds is not contingent upon my acknowledgment of this form.

Please write a thank you note in the text area below following these pointers:

1. Your letter should be between 150 and 275 words. This pdf (opening in a separate window) shows what your letter will look like when it is completed.
2. Do not include a salutation (Dear Ms. Smith). We will merge your letter with the most current contact information for your scholarship.
3. If you met the donors who funded your financial aid, what would you say? What does their support mean to you? What is unique about you? What do you love about TCC? What are your future plans after TCC? What extracurricular activities, if any, are you involved in, at TCC and/or in your community?
4. As part of our merge all letters will be signed ?Sincerely? with the full name you provided on this form. You do not need to add this.
5. If you received more than one scholarship, please write a generic thank you letter that does not mention any scholarship by name so that we can send your letter to multiple donors. If you would like to send a more specific letter to each of your scholarship donors, please submit this form separate times for each scholarship.
6. Please keep in mind that the donors to your financial aid delight in receiving these letters each year. This is truly an opportunity to thank them and let them know that you appreciate their support.

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