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Subject-Specific Tutoring

Our subject-specific tutoring program helps you develop subject-specific skills and strategies to succeed in the classroom. These services are provided free of charge to TCC students enrolled in any class at the College.

Tutors are usually available for core courses such as math, history, science classes and other high demand courses. Subject-specific tutoring is available on campus during the academic school year in most introductory and some mid-level classes in subjects like Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Foreign Languages, and Information Technology.

  • All tutoring takes place on the Tidewater Community College campus.
  • Tutors do not do homework for students. They are facilitators of student learning. Students should be prepared with goals and questions for each tutoring session.
  • Tutoring support and software programs for writing are available on campus. You can also find help with assignment research through the Campus Library.
  • We’re eager to answer your questions. Don’t be shy about asking questions; you’re the reason we’re here!

We can’t guarantee a tutor for every class we offer, but we do our best to accommodate as many students as possible! If we do not have a tutor listed for the particular course you are taking, please speak to your instructor about the best resources for you to find help.

Dedicated writing assistance centers and math labs are designed to help students struggling in those subjects.