Six tips for a successful job fair

Put your best foot forward at a job fair and increase your chances of hearing "congratulations, you're hired!"

1. Dress for success

An employer will size you up in 15 seconds as you walk up to the table. What you wear says a whole lot about who you are, or at least who you are presenting yourself to be.

Proper attire for a job fair

2. Bring your resume – and lots of them

If you are could be applying for several types of jobs, prepare several resumes to hand out to potential employers in different fields. Make sure your resume is flawless.

3. Research the companies that will be there

Even though you’re meeting with a lot of people, remember, so are they. You need to be able to stand out. One way to do that is to have in-depth knowledge of the company and be able to ask informed questions of the interviewer.

4. Prepare for the usual Q&A

Prepare to answer a lot of the same questions you’d discuss at a formal interview.

5. Have a firm handshake and make eye contact

This one speaks for itself. You want to appear confident. Command a confident presence and make them remember you.

6. Save the best for last – or at least later

During the job fair, you’ll get used to the process, warm up a bit, and eventually hit your stride. Start with the companies you’re least interested in to “practice” on. Move on to the big dogs once you’ve hit your stride.

Tips courtesy of Monster College.