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Student Activities at TCC

Important Message

Please note that some businesses NOT affiliated with TCC are contacting students inviting them to join their honor society. For example, you may receive an email that reads: "Activate your Tidewater Community College HonorSociety.org membership." Do not provide personal information or pay registration fees until you carefully assess the association.

Although these honor societies don't appear to be illegal or of a security risk, it could be potentially harmful. Take caution and assess these businesses before you pay fees to join any type of association which are not affiliated with our college. There are various web sites that can advise you about these societies and how to judge their credibility. One is available at the Association of College Honor Societies website. Another site that may be able to assist you is the Community College Success website. Currently the only Honor Society that is affiliated with TCC is:

Please be vigilant before joining any organization and check its credibility. Thank you!

Our Mission

The student activities of Tidewater Community College provides exceptional services, facilities, programs, and innovative opportunities that enrich student learning and development, foster an inclusive college community, promote individual student excellence, invite collaboration and discovery, and challenge students to take responsibility as members of a diverse, global community.

Our Vision

Tidewater Community College actively engages students in extraordinary experiences that prepare them for a life dedicated to high levels of service and leadership.

Our Values

Foundational to our mission and vision are eight core values which we believe are directly in line with the college's commitments:

  1. Leadership
  2. Global Perspective and Diversity
  3. Respect
  4. Integrity
  5. Excellence
  6. Wellness
  7. Learning for Life

Student Activities Contact Information

TCC Chesapeake

Chesapeake Campus

Vincent Gary
Student Center 3204A
Phone: 757-822-5138
Fax: 757-822-5155
TCC Norfolk

Norfolk Campus

Blair Rhodes
Student Center 5310
Phone: 757-822-1251
Fax: 757-822-1251
TCC Portsmouth

Portsmouth Campus

Katina Barnes
Building A, Rm. 220
Phone: 757-822-2258
Fax: 757-822-2191
TCC Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Campus

Sarah Lupton
Student Center K105
Phone: 757-822-7226
Fax: 757-822-7569
Emily Hartman
Student Center K216
Phone: 757-822-7705
Fax: 757-822-7569

Student Activities College-Wide

Ronald A. Gray
Green Building, 623
Phone: 757-822-1003
Fax: 757-822-1092