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Tuition information for Military Students



Active duty military personnel (Virginia Residence) are eligible for in-state tuition

Active duty military personnel (Non-Virginia Residence) are eligible for military contract rates.

Tuition Assistance Application


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Each of the Armed Services establishes tuition assistance rates. A Tuition Assistance (TA) document from the appropriate service may be submitted for payment of enrollment at TCC. The student is responsible for paying the portion of the tuition not covered by the TA, and submission of the TA document signifies that the student accepts liability for payment of the tuition not covered. TCC processes the TA document to pay for the covered amount.

Active duty military personnel (Virginia Residence) are eligible for in-state tuition and for active duty military personnel (Non-Virginia Residence) are eligible for military contract rates under the provision of tuition assistance. Submitting the TA document makes the non-Virginia domiciled military student eligible for military contract rates for the entire registration for the semester. If a military student does not submit a TA document for the specific semester, the student must pay the entire bill at the applicable out-of-state rate. For additional assistance or information on Tuition Assistance, contact your Educational Services Officer, Navy College Office, or TCC Base Representative.

To learn more and understand the Military Tuition Assistance Program, then read and understand all the provisions and instructions before completing the Tuition Assistance Application Form.

Tuition Assistance Brief:

The service member must attend an informational brief explaining the tuition assistance program. Contact Navy College offices at other local bases to find out the schedule for these briefs. The service member must complete a tuition assistance registration worksheet indicating the classes in which they plan to enroll. Prior to this the enlisted member should secure a special request chit, and officers, a letter from their superior indicating authorization to attend school for the inclusive dates of the term (refer to the samples that have been provided as a guide).

Navy Tuition Assistance Application Form

Very important note: Tuition Assistance Authorization - upon receipt of your signed TA authorization, please write your TCC Student Identification System (SIS) number in the upper left hand corner of the TA authorization, under the NETPDTC 1560/3 Rev. (09/07) form number and above your SSN. By writing your TCC SIS number on your TA authorization, you can expedite the registration, enrollment and payment process.

TA application for Navy students is available online at: Application for Tuition Assistance

  • To complete the Application for Tuition Assistance: - Click here, then select "TA Application Form". Read and understand the "Required Reading" portion of the page, scroll down to the bottom of page and click on "Acknowledge - pdf format or word document " then complete the Application Form and print the application for submission to your supporting Navy College Office or Marine Corps Education Center for processing.

Tuition assistance is an educational benefit that pays 100% of the in-state tuition or military contract rate and other required fees as applicable. The active duty member must successfully complete the course, earn a passing grade and maintain an educational file with their Navy College office or appropriate educational service office. Withdrawal, a grade of "F" or a "R/U" (repeat or unsatisfactory) in a developmental course will result in a financial obligation to the appropriate service. The service member must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to retain eligibility for tuition assistance.

Tuition Payment:

Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) are accepted for payment of your tuition. Cash will NOT be accepted at the on base offices. Students should refer to their student semester schedule booklet for tuition payment deadlines. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in you being deleted from the course and there is no guarantee you can be reinstated in that course if it becomes filled. Payment can be made to the TCC or base representative at the base locations or to the campus business offices. Remember that the original TA paperwork represents a significant portion of the payment and must accompany your check, money order or credit card payment. It is also the document that gets you coded as a military contract student entitled to the contract rate. TA applications for Navy students must be completed (see above).

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