Existing Products

Existing products are simply our products. We design, print, and maintain official TCC materials for the college, but we don’t want to keep them to ourselves. Materials that are current and ready for printing are listed here and can be ordered at any time. Products do change, not often, but they do. If a product you have previously ordered is no longer listed, then we have retired that product and it is no longer available for printing or ordering.

This is a new way of supplying our products and we are very excited about it. It’s called print on demand. It means we print only what is requested. This allows our products to be current and up to date, accessible to all the campuses/staff, and allows us to keep costs down. It’s just a win win for all us.

It’s easy to get started. Just fill out the online form, pick the product you need, and pick your quantity (up to 1000 per item, per month). We’ll keep an eye out for your request and make sure it is filled and out to you within ten working days.

The following is a list of Existing Products, grouped by type of product.

To place an order, fill out the form.