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tuition payment for a class at tcc for training or to Enhance Job Skills

Steps to request permission to take a TCC class and have TCC pay tuition

1. Decide which TCC class will enhance your job skills and/or job performance.

2. Decide on a funding source or combination of sources.
Three sources of funding for tuition are available to full-time classified staff:

Professional Development Funding Available to Each Classified Employee per Fiscal Year
to Take a TCC Class for Training or Enhancement of Job Skills
Name of Fund
Used for
Maximum Amount
Administered by
Submission Dates
Tuition Reimbursement Fund Tuition Assistance Only
Campus Business Manager or
Budget Manager, District
July 1 - June 30 (Fiscal year)
Individual Equity Fund Tuition (and other)
Campus Business Manager or
Budget Manager, District
July 1 - June 30
Classified Professional Development Fund Tuition (and other) after using allotted total from first two funds
Fund Committee
Leona Davis-Daniels
July 1 until used up

3. Fill and submit appropriate forms. If using Classified Funds, attach the e-mail confirmation of funding to the HR-78 form.

  • If you cannot access the forms on InsideTCC, contact the
  • When you submit a request to take a class, you must have already determined where the financial support is coming from [funds] .
  • Note the requested amount(s) in the appropriate blanks on the required form(s).
TCC Course/Class Skills Training


  The Classified Professional Development Fund Application is found at the top of the Professional Development main page.

4. Wait until the fully approved HR-78 or a photocopy of it is returned to you.

NOTE: If you begin taking the course before receiving the fully authorized request form, you are beginning that class without TCC's permission and without TCC's agreement to help pay your expenses.


5. Register for the class.

6. Submit a copy of the approved HR-78 to the Business Office in lieu of payment of tuition
before the tuition payment deadline date.
[locations and deadline date]

7. Attend classes and complete the course. The Business Manager will complete the paperwork process in coordination with District Accounting without contacting you, unless you do not complete the course successfully. You may submit to HR a copy of the tuition assistance request forms and a photocopy of your final grade printed from the SIS screens to be added to your personnel file.

More about funds

1. Tuition Reimbursement Fund ($500.00): Every campus (and District) has been allotted a fund (managed by the Business Manager on each campus or the Budget Manager for District) to assist employees with tuition expenses. During each new fiscal year (July 1 – June 30 of the following year), full-time employees are allowed to submit applications for up to $500.00 from this fund. All courses must be completed and the paperwork processed before the end of the fiscal year. After January, you might consider submitting a second request for additional funds; if there are fewer than normal requests made to date that year, your request may be awarded. This fund is for tuition assistance only, and for classified the course must be job-related or degree-related.

2. Individual Equity ($150.00): Every full-time classified staff member has been allotted $150.00 in financial support, called "individual equity", for professional development every fiscal year. To "be allotted" the money simply means that TCC will earmark that much for you to use each year if you want it. But the money belongs to the college and if you do not use it, the college will use it for something else. TCC reallocates that amount every July 1. You may use this fund toward tuition as well.

3. Classified Professional Development Fund ($1200.00): On July 1 of each year, a specified amount is reallocated into the fund. The Classified Association administers the fund in accordance with the Classified Professional Development Plan.  A Classified Professional Development Fund Committee determines which requests for funding are awarded. Again, this money belongs to the college and whatever monies employees do not use will be used by the college for something else. According to the "rules", each staff member is limited to requesting a max of $800. Use it to pay whatever balance you may have left after using your tuition assistance or individual equity.

4. Other funding may be available through your department budget or an outside agency/organization willing to pay your expenses. Ask your supervisor or do some research on these. If you do find an outside funding source, you will have to do the paperwork for that agency’s financial assistance to their satisfaction.