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  • Outgrowth of Business and International Education (BIE) Grant Activities from 2008-2010 when GLMP was developed and tested.
  • Objective is to infuse the curriculum with globally-themed library of digital learning modules and to build faculty multimedia capabilities.
  • Success rate: 100%   See TCC’s Global Learning Modules Collection at
  • Please feel free to sample for use in your classroom or online.


  • Global awareness expanded
  • Faculty participants reported a better ability to use Blackboard and other technologies such as Camtasia
  • Multimedia authors group initiated & volunteers stepped forward
  • Awakening creative dimension of teaching: content creation 
  • Meeting the demands of modern learners: multimedia and convenience
  • Peer review process pioneered for quality assurance
  • Raising TCC’s profile on www and establishing our reputation for technological progressiveness, academic standards, and attention to critical thinking.
  • Mapping global issues to interdisciplinary fields.

Project lives on as the Global Learning Modules Project (GLMP), supported by TCC as a professional development activity in 2010-2011.  Twenty faculty will earn $500 special pay plus headset/microphone, Camtasia, and training for:

  • development of a global learning module
  • Attendance and participation in one peer review of all projects on the afternoon of Friday, January 28th.
  • refinement of the module consistent with review feedback (within one month)

Learning Modules must:

  • address a global issue
  • provide a summary of learning objectives and module content
  • use audio as well as images and/or video (multimedia)
  • Consider general education core competencies (available at
  • be produced using Camtasia multimedia authoring software
  • incorporate a pre- and post-test or quiz of at least 5 questions.
  • be made available for public posting at a project deadline in February

What’s New?

  • Objective is to infuse high-volume courses with multiple modules & measure impact electronically.  (Student outcomes need not relate to score in course.)
  • Selection criteria targets General Education courses by prioritizing collaboration
  • Faculty teams are encouraged to apply: all must teach a common course where modules will be used.  Since each module maker will agree to use all team members’ modules in this course, some basic team lesson plan to provide a context for the module will be a part of the application.

Some specialization within each team may take place in producing completed modules.  This implies that only one member of a module producing team needs to be competent in Camtasia, which will be necessary for only the final two activities of those listed below.  All of these activities are necessary for producing effective learning modules.

  • research
  • image collection/production
  • script writing
  • audio voice recording
  • final assembly using Camtasia
  • refinements in response to peer review

Individual proposals are still welcome, but priority will be given to teams producing for a common course.  Please consider making your colleagues aware of this opportunity and teaming up to apply!