Breakout Sessions II: 1:45-2:30 P.M.

Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement



Breakout Session II: Titles




What Can I do to Make My Life and the Lives of My Students Easier? (A.K.A. Faculty Requirements)
Presenters—Dr. Caroline Clark Rivera and Associate Professor Joe Joyner


Room 5310

Destructive Behavior Patterns of Unsuccessful College Students
Presenter—Dr. Joanne Diddlemeyer


Room 5306

The Five Questions: A Fractal Approach to Integrated Reading and Writing Instruction
Presenter—Dr. Tom Ellis


Room 5206

What's New with the Developmental Math Redesign?
Presenters—Associate Professor Dick Gill and

Associate Professor Judy Gill


Room 5207

First Globals
Presenter—Dr. Jack Sommers


Room 5509B

Experiential Model of Success in the Classroom
Presenter—Assistant Professor Gordon Whitman


Room 5509C

Why do my students act the way they do? Student Development

Theory and U

Presenter—Director Mecca Marsh

Room 5208