Campus security contacts

Campus security offices – contact information

Criminal incidents or emergencies are to be reported to campus security staff, local police or to the Campus Dean of Student Services. In an emergency, local authorities can be summoned by dialing 911.

Chesapeake Campus
757-822-5099 or 757-327-9940

Norfolk Campus
757-822-1201 or 757-327-9924

Portsmouth Campus
757-822-2707 or 757-592-7742

Regional Automotive Center
757-822-5082 or 757-327-9899   

Truck Driving Program
757-822-2250 or 757-327-9942

Regional Workforce Solutions (Suffolk)
757-822-2250 or 757-327-9942

Virginia Beach Campus
757-822-7038 or 757-327-9900

Visual Arts Center
757-822-1880 or 757-327-9907

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